September 17, 2012

Soup Kitchen

The other day we were all talking about Soup Kitchen in Malaysia. A temple in Kuala Lumpur had set up a Soup Kitchen and is expanding too, to other states through out Malaysia. One of my brother-in-law's church is coming up with Soup Kitchen too and they are asking for donation.

My other brother-in-law, however, don't really agree with this whole idea of feeding the homeless. He said, this would encourage more lazy folks to become homeless. Come to think of it, who, with the right frame of mind, would prefer to be homeless.

Sleeping in the streets with stray dogs, cats and rodents. No clean clothes to change into or place to take a good bath. Not knowing where or when the next meal will come from, if there is a next meal. The worst among all is, they totally lack self esteem, can't even face the world.

I don't think we have the right to look down on these folks. If given a chance to know every single one of them, I am sure they come with a terrible story that left them homeless.

I do agree that, there will be folks who will take advantages of these voluntary non-profit organization and enjoy those free food which are meant for those who really needed it most. Well, this should not be a discouragement to continue to help the homeless and the poor.

We who are lucky that always have more than enough to eat and wear, should be thankful and lend a helping hand to those who are less fortunate. I am always ready to donate food and clothes to the food bank and the needy.

We don't have to be rich to start donating. No matter how much you earn, I am sure you could at least spare a dollar or two for charity. To you, it is not much, but to the homeless, it is a big deal.

Thanks for reading and hope you start donating like me.


Don't unplug your hub. said...

It is good to help in any way possible. Good for the giver and the reciever. A good post.

Aries said...

Thanks for visiting

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