September 2, 2012

My Cute Plant

This is not a huge vase. I took it from the aquarium. We had two glass rectangle shaped aquarium and hubby decided to get rid of one and in the aquarium he had all sorts of decorative ornament like this, kinda look like a broken jug with holes by the side for tiny fishes to swim through.

I took it, sealed the base and added a bit of soil and planted this in it. I watered it every day. Didn't expect it to live so long. It is over a year now and the plant seems to be healthy and growing well. I started it off as an experiment not sure if this plant count survive with such little soil.

Guess I do have green hands after all or maybe just lucky. I love gardening and planting all sorts of tiny plants into all sorts of stuffs like teapot, bird cage, basket etc. Normally I would convert all sorts of old utensils etc into pots. I prefer small pots and plants. That way I can put it on my table or on top of the aquarium or the the side of the fish pond. Lovely.

Thanks for visiting and happy gardening to you. Do share some of your gardening experience with me.


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