September 9, 2012

Upset Over Hair

One of my neighbor, female in her late forties, had straight long hair, waist length. She had never cut her hair any other style before since young. Now I have a few nieces who had not cut their hair any other way before too, and I was thinking if they would end up like my neighbor. Once you are older and the face bigger etc it don't look nice to have hairs like this.

Isn't it a bit boring to see yourself in the mirror everyday with the same hair style? It does to me, maybe because that is the nature of Aries, always trying out new stuffs. Hair grows back, for a healthy normal human being that is, and should not worry so much of giving oneself a new hair do.

One of my friend told me that her husband does not allow their daughter to cut her hair short. When she enter kindergarden, the principle told my friend that all her students are to wear their hair short, at most shoulder length. She and her hubby got so upset that they had a long talk with the principle.

Even some of the model on "Super Model" cried when they had a make over that involve their hair. Didn't anyone tell them that hair will grow and she can change it back to her old hairdo in no time?

Thanks for reading. Just find it amusing when people get upset over their hair, unless of course that due to some diseases, your hair could never grow back. Are your hairs your priority too?


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