June 9, 2010


The song "Billionaire" by Travie McCoy could be heard over the radio and t.v almost every single day. I could memorized the whole song by now. Got me thinking, what if one fine day, I got a chance to be a billionaire, would I want the whole world to know? Would I want my name all over town, magazines, radio, news etc?

Someone once told me that when a person suddenly acquired a very large amount of money, he or she would be overwhelmed and might not know what to do. Really? Personally I think that if a person were to acquire fortune and fame at the same time, might be overwhelmed, but fortune alone, I don't think so.

If I ever get that chance to be a billionaire, first and foremost, I would take good care of my family. Make sure everyone gets to enjoy my good fortune and leads a comfortable life but in a low profile manner. It is good to be humble and not to show off. No need to let the whole world know about it.

Then, part of the money I would invest in properties like single storey houses, apartments and shop lots to earn rental. All proceeds from rental earned will be given away for charity, anonymously. This way , my funds for charity will never run dry.

If it ever comes true, I could help many sick people who can't afford medical attention, help many children to further their studies in college and university, help put a roof above those homeless folks and the list goes on and on and on.

If all these ever come true, I would be the happiest person on Earth not only because I have so much to spent but also because I could save and improve so many life of others. It would be absolutely great to get to do so much good deeds.

Hah! It is fun to day dream once in a while or you can call it wishful thinking. Would you care to join me and shift to fantasy land for a moment? What would you do if you are a billionaire? Thanks a billion for reading and may your wishes come true.


Midnite Skys said...

I know I always said I would buy new cars for my family, houses and stuff of the house. And that I still have to work for my sanity. But they say people that win lotteries always have bad luck afterward. I say it the crazy people from your past (or family that comes out of the woodwork demanding something. But I am willing to prove them wrong. Sounds like you are too

Mr. Stupid said...

This was the exact question, a teacher asked us in School. Everyone spoke about how they would spend it on stuff. After everyone was done, she told us the ways she would spend the money. They were just like yours.
Making others Happy will only make us happier.

Wonderful post. Have a good day!:)

baili said...

so all great people think alike dear,but you will agree that money get close to completely opposite people often ,thanks for kind sharing take care

Aries said...

Hi, thanks for reading and day dreaming with me.

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