June 25, 2010

What does he sees in me?

I remembered I got my first love letter when I was only 9 from this boy who is from my class. Till now I am still not sure what he sees in me. I was really skinny and very tall, practically the tallest girl in my class. I am not a class monitor nor a prefect and not even popular in school. I was a nobody then. He was very short for a boy, much shorter than me.

He would get my girlfriends to pass love letters to me during recess time at the canteen and he would watch from the second floor of our school building. I would take it and throw it into the dumpster. I was too young to know how to tell him politely that he is not my type. He kept passing more letters through friends and I keep avoiding. Anyway, he never got the guts to walk up to me and express his feelings. I was prepared to tell him no if he ever did.

During the Chinese New Year the next year, he took his kid sister and walk to my house and knock on my door without being invited. Mum opened the door and invited him in not knowing that he is the last person I would want to see. Wonder how he knows where I was staying, gosh, he had turn to a stalker now. We all just sat there and eat cookies.

My family had to move, that was my last year in that school. Actually I start schooling there for only 2 years. We moved a lot that time. Never heard from him since.

Now I am married with 2 boys and guess where I am staying now? Just few miles from my old school. Sometimes when we pass that area, I would tell my sons this story. Well at least I have one more tale to share with my sons, niece, nephews and you.

I do wonder if he ever grew taller? How does he look like now? Don't think I would recognize him if I ever were to bump into him. I also wonder if I were to continue my study there, when would he have the guts to come up to me and say something and what would he say. Do you have any childhood memories like this to share?

Thanks for reading about my schooldays memories. Have a nice weekend to all.


Mr. Stupid said...

Children can do the strangest things at times. There were so many kids in my class who thought passing letters was a good thing to do... LOL

Have a nice day, Aries...:)

Cee said...
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Cee said...

Makes me remember the days. I first received not a letter, but a flower when I was in 5th grade on V-day celebration at school.
That's when I started having suitors. Though I usually didn't like any of them because just like you, most of them are shorter than me.

It was high school when I started to receive love letters. I managed to keep a lot of it, until now, including cheesy notes from husband. LOL!
He was so surprised to know that I still have each of his notes.

Have a nice weekend Aries!

Aries said...

Thanks for your comments, I guess youngsters now a days don't send letters, they text love notes.

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