June 29, 2010


Have you ever come across parents who are over protective towards their kids that they unintentionally cause hurt to another person? Well, I have, few years ago.

There was this guy who stays around my neighborhood. He told me he has three sons. The youngest son was born with some complication. I can't remember what it was. He had to spent his first few years going in and out of hospital. He said it was disheartening to watch his son with tubes chucking out from his tiny fragile body.

He survived it all and live to be a healthy boy. Due to all those trauma that they had gone through, this guy pay special attention to this son. In fact he pay all his attention towards this son. The elder two boys could feel it but what can they say. He is extremely protective over his youngest boy.

One day, when his youngest son was about nine years old, came back from school and start complaining about his classmates. He told his dad that there was this particular boy in school who likes to bully him. The dad obviously was upset but didn't really find out what he meant by bullying. Few days later he said the same thing. By now, dad's patience was running thin. How could someone bully his precious boy.

One day, he took leave from work and went to pay a visit to his son's school. It was recess time by the time he reach school. Upon stepping into the school gate, he heard his son exchanging harsh words with another boy. They were just standing near the canteen. Both were just talking, not even fighting. The dad, who already had so much anger coop up inside him, walk straight to that boy and gave him a good slap on his face.

He was quite a tiny nine year old. After the slap, he fell and knock his head on some flower pots beside them. Children nearby was screaming. They could see blood on his lips but his head was alright. Some of those children ran and told the headmistress. Things gone from bad to worse. The principle made him stay in the office and wait for that boy's parents. They had some discussion but they did not press charges. The worse thing was, that was not the boy that has been bullying his son.

He told me that he had never felt so bad before, in his entire life. . He didn't realize that after that incident, other children might start avoiding his son in school.

Well, I personally find that it is healthy for children to sometimes argue in school. This is part of growing up. As long as no one gets hurt, "bullying" is fine. They might be exaggerating. Their bullying could also mean that his friends refuse to share toys or books etc. or would not want him to be in his group etc.

So parents out there, please find out more before you take matters into your own hands. Thanks for reading and happy parenting.


Mr. Stupid said...

This is one important thing parents should remember. Children always exaggerate. Maybe, "bullying" is not the right word in most situations.
I am just glad the other boy was alright and his parents didn't press charges. Though, this can affect the boy's social circle.

Redbonegirl97 said...

Yeah I know a few parents that whip out the first aide kit and go to town on their kids. I always say if there isn't blood gushing or streaming, intense heat, purple, blue or black, swollen, or a bone sticking out, that they are fine and to keep it moving. Is that harsh, lol?

Peace, Love and Chocolate

Cee said...

Oh, If I were one of the boy's parents, I would surely press charges against the father! He did that to a nine-year-old boy, for God sake! There's no way that can be forgiven without justice.

Good day Aries!

apples said...

Wow.. that's extreme. I understand the father was angry, but to hit a child? I'm glad he felt bad afterwards - he should!

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