July 4, 2010

Karaoke - jokes

Grandson : Grandpa! What does "karaoke" mean?
Grandpa : "Karaoke" is a combination of people who shouldn't drink with people who shouldn't sing!.

Family Tree

Two guys were discussing their family trees. The first said "Too bad you couldn't choose your ancestors."

The other smiled and replied, "Listen, chances are they wouldn't have chosen you either."

Yes, I Remember

When my 3-year old son opened the bithday gift from his grandmother, he discovered a water pistol. He squealed with delight and headed for the nearest sink. I was not pleased. I turned to my mum and said, "I'm surprised at you. Don't you remember how we used to drive you crazy with water guns?" Mum smiled and then replied, "YES! I REMEMBER!"

The 3rd joke was meant for Mr Stupid. Bear in mind, your parents and aunts could retaliate later for all those mischievous stun you did when you were young. Ha ha ha. Just for laughs and thanks for reading.


Cee said...

All three were funny! But I've got to laugh at the third the most -- it's for Mr. S! haha

Good day Aries!

baili said...

thanks for sweet smiles dear,reading you is a always pleasure ,take care

Mr. Stupid said...

These were funny. Ah, the water pistol. I never played with them. Only if I had.... LOL
Nice post, Aries.

Ryan said...

I wish my boys had only water pistols!!! They have water CANNONS bought by their uncle who doesn't have to be drenched everyday by them.

Ash said...

something to think about, mr stupid! lol
funny post, aries! so funny that i'm gonna follow ya!

~ash's mum

printing company brochures said...

LOL! These are really funny, especially the 2nd one, that is definitely true! Thank you for sharing !

Aries said...

Thanks for reading. Glad you all like it. More to come

Ms Bibi said...

Lmao, thanks for the laughs.

The definition of the Karaoke is priceless and so spot on.

Ash said...

hi - when i click on your profile from my comment box, it takes me to a christian page......i don't know whether it's intentional or not but thought i'd let you know. :)

Aries said...

Oh really, thanks for letting me know

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