July 11, 2010

Money in a bottle

This would make a lovely gift. Just get a bottle, some gel for plants, some money plant, some lovely stickers and a ribbon. Wash the bottle. Soak the gel into water and wait for it to expand. It will expand to about 10 to 20 times it size. The gel comes in various colors and shapes, so find out first before you buy. The sachet of gel all comes in powdery form so you would not know the shape of it at a glance till you soak it.

Once the gel had grown to it's maximum size, put it in the bottle. Cut some money plant according to the height of your bottle. Slowly push it into the bottle through the small opening. This is the challenging part but fun. I use a long chopstick to slowly push the plant into the bottle. Then decorate your bottle with some stickers and a ribbon. I used a butterfly sticker here.

The plant in the bottle can last very long and easy to care for. You don't have to water it everyday. Just add water when you find the gel had shrunk. You can place it in-door or out-door. Would be lovely to have one on your office desk, one next to your bed or perhaps one on top of the aquarium, just like mine.

Hope you like my idea of a plant in a bottle. This would make a lovely gift on Christmas, house warming or birthdays too, provided that, that person likes plants. It is cheap too and those stuffs are easy to get. I have to start collecting bottles again. Gave quite a number of these away as gifts. Thanks for reading and start collecting bottles. May you have a green week ahead.


Midnite Skys said...

very cool!

Cee said...

I was addicted to this. I got them in different colors. Placed them in a small round aquarium and grew fortune plant instead. The gel was really fun to look once it shrinks.

Good day Aries!

Mr. Stupid said...

This is a great idea. I have seen them at a friend's house. But making something like this is always the fun part.

Teena in Toronto said...

What a great idea!

Happy blogoversary :)

Gautam said...

Wow! very interesting and doesn't look too much of a hassle..just some patience!! :)

Aries said...

Thanks for reading, hope you all can try it sometime, it's fun

Aries said...

Thanks Teena, I didn't realize it has been a year now till you mentioned it.

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