July 18, 2010

Keep you hands off please.

During my younger days, I used to hang out with a bunch of single young people. Every now and then, we would organize trips, visit places, go for movies or check out new restaurant etc. Guess that's what all young people do , right, even now, at this century?

There was this girl in our group, when ever she talks to guys, she would change the tone of her voice and she just can't keep her hands to herself. She has to either pinch him, play with his hair, rub his shoulder or chest or sit on his lap.

Few months later, some of those singles in our group became couples. She, too, got serious with one of the boy in our group. Old habit die hard, when ever she talks to guys, especially those in our group, she still couldn't keep her hands to herself. Her boyfriend don't seems to mind or just pretending not too, I am not sure which, but the girls who's boyfriends she is talking to, are not too pleased.

Very soon couples starts avoiding her. The following trips that we organized, she was not on the list any more. Sometime I felt pity for her but what can I do. Girls find her "cheap" and boys find her "easy". Maybe she finds it adorable. Well, I will never know and don't intend to find out either.

Last heard, she was married to that boyfriend of hers and had a son. Wonder if she still have that habit of hers. Like the saying goes, every group there is always a black sheep. In this case a flirtatious one. Those gals out there who has the same habit, please go find a cure or you might start losing your girlfriends.

Thanks for reading. Just want to get it off my chest. Have a nice week ahead to all my readers.


I'm a full-time mummy said...

Hi Aries!

Thanks for dropping by earlier and commenting on Ben's trying out his sandals! Hahah... but I think no matter at what age our kids are at, to us parents, they are always our baby right? :D

Btw, this friend of yours sound weird. Didn't anyone tell her about her habit?

Gautam said...

You guys should have tried some form of an intervention the way that they did in one of the episodes of "How I met Your Mother"..would have been fun :)

Ms Bibi said...

I wonder as well if anyone had a little friendly chat with her.

Sometimes people do things and are absolutely clueless about the impact and once someone brings it up they try to change.

If she was aware of it I just say "good riddance".

Mr. Stupid said...

That must have been an awkward situation. I wonder if she has got rid of her habit. It might just have her losing more friends.

Cee said...

Even I wouldn't be pleased to see her do that, too.
That's really a weird habit.

Good day Aries!

baili said...

i would not let her sit beside my husband dear,i wish after marriage she is changed ,other wise her husband can Change the wife ,
just joking ,take care

Aries said...

Thanks for visiting and thanks for all the comments

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