January 7, 2011

My Toddler Years

I was told that I was the most adorable baby in town. Yeah! I know! Doesn't all parents said that, keh keh keh. I have big round eyes that sparkles with long curled eye lashes top with double eye lid where most Chinese would long to have. Got it from mum's side of the family. Grandma had big round eyes and double eye lid even though she came from China. So does mum and me. Most Chinese would go for plastic surgery just to get that double eye lid.

Anyway, as I grow, my eyes don't look so big anymore and those eyelashes looks ordinary now as my face grew bigger. Last year, however, my neighbor's teenage girl who was sitting by my side, noticed my eye lashes and said how she wish to have long eye lashes like mine. Ooops, had not hear stuffs like these for years. What a compliment!

Where ever I go, I make head turns. Folks in my neighborhood nicknamed me "the big eye girl". My parents took thousands of photos of me during those few years. It could be because I was the eldest, like an only child then. Mum and grandma was always proud to show me off. I attracted a lot of attention where ever I go.

I was quite naughty too, as a toddler. I was told that by the time I was about 8 months old, I started to hold the milk bottle and drink on my own, independently. After every meal, I would push the glass bottle out of my cot through the wooden bar and break quite a few. Those days we don't used plastic bottles. To the extend, my parents have to place a mat below my cot.

I was quite a cry baby too. A bit spoiled, I think, at that time, with all those attention. When I cry, some of the tears would hang in there on my long curled eye lashes like tiny pearls, and when I blink, tears will drop on my cheek. Grandma always finds this amusing. When ever I cry, she would said, "Look! Look at her lashes!"

Mum treats me like a barbie doll. I had uncountable dresses of all sorts, hair pin, ribbons, you named it, I have it. She would dress me up with her fancy wigs of all sorts, and her earrings and jewelry etc and had me post for her photos. Every time when I look at those photos, grandma and mum would tell all those stories about me as toddler.

I am grateful that I had a, so called, glamorous life as a toddler. Even though I didn't end up being a model or joined any beauty pageant, at least I did attracted a lot of attention as a toddler. Just like a Chinese old saying, "it is better to had it, once before, then never to experienced it at all". Hope I translate it correctly.

Thanks for reading. Hope you find this interesting. So how was your life as a toddler? Was it as exciting as mine?


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