September 13, 2011

Anyone Reading My Crap

I do read blogs from Linkreferral etc and most new bloggers express their fear that no one would read their post. Some even said that most just visit blog sites just to reach target and not really reading. I too have those thoughts in my head "what if no one reads my crap", " what if I do not get any follower", "what if I end up with nothing to write anymore" .......

Like the saying goes, when you do something you are passionate about the money will follows and in bloggers case, readers and followers will follow. I once introduced blogging to a friend and he said he doesn't have so much to talk about. Really? So is it just me or because I was born a chatter box.

I find writing and reading fascinating. It nurtured the creative part of me. Even at night when in bed before I fall asleep, words just pop up in my head telling me what to write in my next post. It just come naturally but now a days had been quite busy so had kept all those thoughts bottled up at one of the corner of my brain.

Someone once told me that I have to have a good command in English before I write. Really? To me, as long as my English ain't that broken and my message did went across to who ever is reading, it is fine with me.

Once in a while have to act like a kid again, do without thinking, speak without fearing of being judges, play deaf and pretend I live on an island alone, free to say and do what ever I like, but then again this can't happen all the time. I have two teenage boys to set a good example to.

So to me blogging is when I could released that child in me and feel free. No worries about wrong grammer, bad English and the thoughts of sharing my experiences and knowing that someone out there could have or are going through the same, would feel that they are not alone.

That's all the time I have for this post, till the next post, thank you for those who are following my site and those who often visits and leave comments, appreciate you guys / gals very much. Thanks to the internet too, for allowing me to reach so far out to the world. Happy reading and blogging to you all


I'm a full-time mummy said...

Blogging keeps me sane.. really!

Midnite Skys said...

yea I think that too some times, then say whatever... I will blog cause I want too...... if no one reads it then no one reads it...... I want to. My recipe blog was just that, somewhere I could store all the recipes I like and I could find them when I needed them

convert girl said...

Same with me....!!! I was worried that nobody would read my blog or readers would find my blog boring.. But again, I told myself that I blog coz I just wanted to write.. That's all... Then my worries r gone..:)

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Aries, blogging should be for fun.
Some write to impress, some to rant, but most for fun.
You just write from your heart and you'll be fine.
And don't worry about your grammar.
I have seen worst, but as long a we can understand, it's fine.
Nobody is perfect.

You have a nice day and keep a song in your heart.

Aries said...

thanks for all the comments, keep my fire burning again

Ron said...

your blog is great! The post are so funny and interesting. i will keep following.

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