September 5, 2011

My Butterfly

I would normally leave the car doors open an hour prior driving, for health sake. I was told it is really bad for health to enter a hot car, turn on the air-cond and drive. So normally I would air it out first and this is what I found. The is the second butterfly that landed on the car dashboard and died there. Guess it is must had been too hot.

So happened I had an empty photo frame, a perfect one for my butterfly. I gently lift it and place it in the frame and sealed it without any preservative etc. This butterfly in the frame had been with me for more than 5 years now and the butterfly still look good. I always thought that I would need some sort of chemical to preserved the colour and shape of the butterfly but mine still look good after so long. Guess if I open the frame now the butterfly might go into pieces.

This is the second butterfly that I found in the car and so happen someone gave us a photo frame as a gift and the butterfly fit in it perfectly. Wonder if there will be anymore dead butterfly in the future. So far not many know that the butterfly in the frame were real and not just a picture of it.

Well that's me, the creative Aries that could not see stuffs like these go to waste. Love it when I could turn junk into art, at least to my eyes they were art.

Thanks for reading and wish you have a fun and creative day too.


Cee said...

Very Nice! And I'm a little surprise that ants didn't feed on it. Somebody told me I could use an alcohol before placing a butterfly in a frame so ants won't feed on it. But it works out for you even without one.

I have butterflies on frame, but was only bought in a sanctuary as souvenir.

There's a butteryfly story that I have yet to share on my blog....We nurture caterpillars at home hoping to show the kids their actual metamorphosis, but it didn't turn out that way... I'll post pics soon.. haha

I'm a full-time mummy said...

Hi Aries!

Thank you for your well wishes and compliments on our little princess :) Will try to update the blog whenever I can, do check out my Facebook page as I'm on FB more often :)

Btw, I'm not a fan of butterflies... if they are framed up it's fine but if a live one come fluttering at my directions, I'll most probably run away screaming :P

Aries said...

Thanks for visiting, will visit back soon

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