September 8, 2009

Fried Pasta

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I love to fry pasta my style. This is easy and you can add almost any ingredients that you can think of like mushrooms, green vegetables etc.

Ingredients :

Pasta (any type)
Tomato (very ripe ones)
Carrot (1 will do)
Minced meat (I prefer pork)

1) Cut tomato in cubes, carrot in sticks, slice onion and garlic. Garlic you could either slice or chop or even mince for those who don't like the sight of garlic.
2) Marinate mince meat with pepper, light and dark soya sauce, five spices powder and a dash of sesame oil. Add a dash of water too. (about a tablespoon full only). This is normally how I marinate minced meat. I rarely use salt.
3) Boil water. Wait till it boils then add a pinch of salt in water and add pasta. Leave it to boil till pasta soften.
4) In the meantime while waiting for the pasta, heat pan and add some oil. Fry minced meat till nicely cook. Add garlic and onion. You can also either saute garlic and onion till fragrant then add meat or saute garlic and onion till fragrant, scoop up, fry meat till nicely cook then put back the garlic and onion. Depending on your taste. Each method has its own flavor.
5) Add carrot and tomato to the above. Saute for a while, then add a cup of water.
6) Add some light soya sauce, dark soya sauce and tomato ketchup to taste.
7) Let everything simmer for a while.
8) Drain pasta and add into the above and mix well. Keep stirring and fry till all dries up. This is a dry dish. Then serve.

Hope you like this recipe. My own creation. Actually there's no fix rules to cooking stuffs like this, unlike baking. If you don't measure your ingredients properly, whatever you bake might not come out nicely. That is part of the reason I seldom bake. Happy trying and thanks for reading.


tracieMoo said...

I had this! yummy!!

"BUTTERY"fly said...

Wow! This seems so easy to do, I will try it. Thanks for sharing!

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