April 25, 2010

Dating Stories

One of my girlfriend told me that her sister eats very little when she is on a date. The minute she reach home, she would ransack the kitchen for food. Wonder why she would want to torture herself like that.

There was this guy, on one of his date, told his girlfriend not to scold him or reprimand him in front of his friends. Not sure if she had ever did that before but she felt offended.

I have also read about this guy who wrote his mission statement on an A4 size paper in bold and stick it on his fridge. He wrote about his plan for his future, short term and long term goals. He would bring his date home and have her look at it. If she thinks that she could live with those goals, they will then go for a second date.

Personally, to me, just be yourself and enjoy your date. Let the other person see your true colors and see if he or she likes you. No point pretending to be someone you are not. Unless if you are a damn good actor, it would be uncomfortable to be someone you are not. I know I would.

If he or she doesn't call back after the first date, don't have to blame yourself. Maybe you are just not his or her type, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. If you don't go on a date you too, will never find out if he or she is your type. Take it as an experience. That way you will have a lot to tell your children or grand children.

I love listening to real love stories from old folks, especially from my grandma, my mum and my mother in law. Guys rarely tell stuffs like this. Well at least I have yet to get a love story that touches me from a guy.

Perhaps I could share some of them in my future post. Write it down as a guide for youngster. There is always something to learn from every story. It might not be as exciting as "Twilight" but it is a true love story.

Thanks for reading and I wish you all a lovely and colorful week a head.


Asha said...

Couples on dates should just enjoy the moments and not spoil the magic.

Cee said...

I agree, pretending to be somebody else is not really good. You will lose the most important recipe in any relationship - that is the *trust*.

BTW, I tagged you in a photo meme, please check it out HERE.

Have a nice day Aries!

Aries said...

Thanks for visiting

Aries said...

Thanks for tagging me. I got problem loading your page, will try again later.

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