April 2, 2010

Indian Roulette

You have all heard of Russian roulette. But how many of you have heard of Indian roulette? Well, you are given a flute and six large deadly cobras, and one of the cobras is deaf.


Lost Her Temper

Big sister Kelly felt a bit flabby around her waist from lack of exercise. She tried jogging and eating less to get rid of the impending bulge, but it didn't work. Auntie Teresa advised her to go on a strict diet. As she began her diet programme, we noticed that the programme did finally help her lose something - her temper!


How To Diet

If you are thin, don't eat fast.

If you are fat, don't eat - FAST!


Just for laughs. Have a nice day.


baili said...

hi nice one dear, you pointed out a good thing that i too should not eat fast cause being all rounder often i had to do this,take care

Aries said...

Thanks for visiting

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