April 28, 2010

School Bullies

Few months back, I saw three secondary school (high school) boys, still in school uniform, bash up another boy just outside the school compound, after school hour. This is not the first time. My two sons go to that school. Police report was made. Police did pay a visit to the school. Guess the three boys was given warning.

Few days after that, the same three boys bash up another boy, outside the school compound again. After that incident, policeman in uniform will hang around the school, after school hour, almost everyday. They will walk around the area outside the school compound to make sure there were no more fights.

Recently they use men in uniform on horses. The three men on horse back would walk round the road outside of the school together with some policemen on foot. I wonder why they resort to horses now. Anyway, they only hang around for about a week. All the school children was fascinated. Well, none of us had seen policemen on duty, on horse back before, not around housing area, especially not around schools.

Everyone expect the three notorious boys to be expelled soon. To me expelled is as bad as having a criminal record. No other school would accept them anymore. They have a couple more years to go. Why not finish secondary school (high school). It is better to fail in school then to be expelled. I wonder who are their parents. Are they gangsters too? If they are such irresponsible parents, might as well they should not have kids in the first place.

With the habit of bashing up others and expelled from school, what will they do next. They would be too young to start working and difficult to get a decent job with this record in hand. So high chance they would end up with some gangs and be robbers, muggers, snatch thieves or even worse, kidnappers and murderers.

Hope all parents, from around the world, will take note that it is our responsibility to make sure our children grow to be a useful person, good citizen and make our country a better and safer place to live in. Thanks for reading and make sure you know what your kids are up to.


L Avery Brown said...

Fabulous post. I am a parent and a former teacher. I've seen my fair share of bullies as a teacher and I made it very clear that their behavior was no acceptable. When I called their parents most of them had no clue as to what their children were up to. They were 'good' parents: kids had nice clothes, shoes, and all the latest gadgets but their parents essentially left them to their own devices. Some parents said they try and try but it makes no difference.

It's sad, too. Because most of those bullies were acting out for the attention...and it didn't matter if it was negative attention either. At least they were being recognized.

Thankfully my daughter hasn't had to deal w/bullies. She's a very outgoing girl and has been taught to be kind to all people regardless of their economic or social position because we need one another as a society.

It takes a lot of parental input and a positive atmosphere. I hate to think of how the lives of those bullies are spiraling out of control at such a young age.

Again, this is a great post. Thanks for presenting it!

baili said...

great writing really great have a blessed life dear

Aries said...

Thanks for your comments, I hope all parents would be more alert.

Redbonegirl97 said...

I always call the school much to my dons dismay I try to do without looking so to act like I am not paying them any attention. I don't want to cause trouble for them. Lately though the school has told me to call the police.

Peace, Love and Chocolate

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