April 20, 2010

More Jokes To Brighten Up Your Day

Are You Married?
Question: Are you married?
Answer : No! I'm divorced.
Question: And what did your husband do before you divorce him?
Answer : A lot of things I didn't know about.

Why Don't You Do That?
Mr. and Mrs. Chan notice the young man staying next door to them kisses his wife every morning as he leaves for his office.
"Why don't you do that?" Mrs. Chan says to Mr. Chan.
"Darling," he replies, "I don't even know the woman!"

Valentine's Day
Florist : Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. Won't you buy a rose for the sweet lady you love?
Gentleman : That would not be nice! I am a married man!

Just for laughs. Hope you enjoy those jokes as much as I do.


"BUTTERY"fly said...

Lol funny! I like the second one...

Good day Aries!

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