April 28, 2010

School Bullies

Few months back, I saw three secondary school (high school) boys, still in school uniform, bash up another boy just outside the school compound, after school hour. This is not the first time. My two sons go to that school. Police report was made. Police did pay a visit to the school. Guess the three boys was given warning.

Few days after that, the same three boys bash up another boy, outside the school compound again. After that incident, policeman in uniform will hang around the school, after school hour, almost everyday. They will walk around the area outside the school compound to make sure there were no more fights.

Recently they use men in uniform on horses. The three men on horse back would walk round the road outside of the school together with some policemen on foot. I wonder why they resort to horses now. Anyway, they only hang around for about a week. All the school children was fascinated. Well, none of us had seen policemen on duty, on horse back before, not around housing area, especially not around schools.

Everyone expect the three notorious boys to be expelled soon. To me expelled is as bad as having a criminal record. No other school would accept them anymore. They have a couple more years to go. Why not finish secondary school (high school). It is better to fail in school then to be expelled. I wonder who are their parents. Are they gangsters too? If they are such irresponsible parents, might as well they should not have kids in the first place.

With the habit of bashing up others and expelled from school, what will they do next. They would be too young to start working and difficult to get a decent job with this record in hand. So high chance they would end up with some gangs and be robbers, muggers, snatch thieves or even worse, kidnappers and murderers.

Hope all parents, from around the world, will take note that it is our responsibility to make sure our children grow to be a useful person, good citizen and make our country a better and safer place to live in. Thanks for reading and make sure you know what your kids are up to.

April 27, 2010

Turnip With Peanut Butter

Well, this might sound weird to some but it does taste lovely. We used to eat turnip raw, like fruits, at home. So, one day as we were eating it as snack, I told my sons that the canteen at my school used to sell turnips during recess time. The canteen auntie would slice the turnip, just like the the picture above, and spread it with some red sauce (kinda sweet too) and top it up with coarsely chop fried peanuts. Yummy!

Then my youngest came up with this wise idea. He said let's try it with peanut butter, and we did. Taste just as yummy! Chunky peanut butter would be even better. Just spread it on the turnip like spreading on bread.

Since then, we have to have peanut butter before we eat raw turnips. Hope you would like it too. Thanks for reading.

April 25, 2010

Dating Stories

One of my girlfriend told me that her sister eats very little when she is on a date. The minute she reach home, she would ransack the kitchen for food. Wonder why she would want to torture herself like that.

There was this guy, on one of his date, told his girlfriend not to scold him or reprimand him in front of his friends. Not sure if she had ever did that before but she felt offended.

I have also read about this guy who wrote his mission statement on an A4 size paper in bold and stick it on his fridge. He wrote about his plan for his future, short term and long term goals. He would bring his date home and have her look at it. If she thinks that she could live with those goals, they will then go for a second date.

Personally, to me, just be yourself and enjoy your date. Let the other person see your true colors and see if he or she likes you. No point pretending to be someone you are not. Unless if you are a damn good actor, it would be uncomfortable to be someone you are not. I know I would.

If he or she doesn't call back after the first date, don't have to blame yourself. Maybe you are just not his or her type, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. If you don't go on a date you too, will never find out if he or she is your type. Take it as an experience. That way you will have a lot to tell your children or grand children.

I love listening to real love stories from old folks, especially from my grandma, my mum and my mother in law. Guys rarely tell stuffs like this. Well at least I have yet to get a love story that touches me from a guy.

Perhaps I could share some of them in my future post. Write it down as a guide for youngster. There is always something to learn from every story. It might not be as exciting as "Twilight" but it is a true love story.

Thanks for reading and I wish you all a lovely and colorful week a head.

April 20, 2010

More Jokes To Brighten Up Your Day

Are You Married?
Question: Are you married?
Answer : No! I'm divorced.
Question: And what did your husband do before you divorce him?
Answer : A lot of things I didn't know about.

Why Don't You Do That?
Mr. and Mrs. Chan notice the young man staying next door to them kisses his wife every morning as he leaves for his office.
"Why don't you do that?" Mrs. Chan says to Mr. Chan.
"Darling," he replies, "I don't even know the woman!"

Valentine's Day
Florist : Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. Won't you buy a rose for the sweet lady you love?
Gentleman : That would not be nice! I am a married man!

Just for laughs. Hope you enjoy those jokes as much as I do.

April 17, 2010

Bye Daddy

I used to be daddy's girl till mum and dad decided to go on their separate ways. I will never forget that fine afternoon when mum was at work and dad came home to pack his belongings with grandma nagging by his side. I was only six then, sitting there at a corner, playing with my dolls, not really sure what was going on. Daddy didn't say a single word as he was packing but he did stole a peek or two at me, I noticed. I ran to the balcony, as he leave for his car but before he opens the car door, he turned and gave me that "I am going to miss you, girl" kinda look. I didn't cry, neither did I say anything, but I can never forget that moment till today and forever because deep down inside, I miss you too, daddy.


Hope you like my new 6 Sentences. This is a true personal experience. Something that only broken homes children will understand. My two sons grew up in a big happy family surrounded by mum, dad, aunts, uncles, grandmas, grandpa and cousins. Guess they will never know how it feels to lose a dad or a mum to death or worse, they are still alive but could not be with us.

Thanks for reading and wishes you all a great week ahead.

April 12, 2010

April Fools Day

About five years ago, my son wanted a pet dog. My hubby suggested rabbit instead. It doesn't bark and easy to care for. Off we went to the nearest pet shop. Told the owner we wanted two rabbits, he said he had three at the time. Some how manage to persuade us to take all three home. A male and two females. We bought a cage too. The rabbits was just few months old, short fur and in three different colors.

Time past so fast, we didn't realize they grew so fast and by the time they were about 8 months old, they start making babies. None of us really notice. We kept thinking that they are still babies themselves. One fine morning, woke up to find three baby rabbits in the cage.

That was when our hilarious journey of bringing up those babies began. That day itself went and bought another cage to separate the mum and herbabies from the other two rabbits. After putting up the cage, my hubby and I had a hard time figuring out which was the mum.

The first time, we got the dad with the babies. Notice that it keep avoiding those babies. Then we got the wrong mum. She too keep avoiding those babies. We have to Google it to find out which was the mum. The mum had not started to feed, so it's nipple was too small for us to notice, moreover they were covered with fur.

Boy, what a journey. We notice the mum would just sleep at a corner and wait for the babies to crawl to her. Me, the impatience one, had to interfere by putting those babies near the mum's nipple. My hubby even bought a set of animal feeding bottle and milk powder for them. So at night, sometime, me and my sons would take those babies out and put them in a shoe box and bottle feed them one by one.

While we were so fascinated by all that was going on, we forgot that there was another female in the same cage as the male rabbit. Few weeks later, woke up to find another batch of baby rabbits. This time it was five babies. One died of stampede. Oh my goodness. The first batch had just open their eyes and their fur just started to grow and now they had another four siblings.

I started to give some away to friends and neighbors. We gave the first mum and dad away, follow by the first batch of baby rabbits. Time flies very fast and before we knew it those babies grew and reach puberty. Gosh! The last batch of babies arrived on the first of April. My hubby was teasing me that I am an expert by now. Oh my! I told him this will be my last batch.

We should have found out more before we bought those rabbits as pet. They can breed really fast. Their pregnancy last only a month. If I didn't give them away, I would have a whole house full of rabbits in just a year. I can't imagine, all the above happen in less than a years time.

Well we gave all away except for him. He is the only one with long fur. I wonder why. We cared for him since birth. He was from the last batch, born on April Fools Day. This April, he turn four years old. We kinda missed those days when we bottle feed them. Pat them in the shoe box. So helpless and adorable.

Look at him. Isn't he handsome? Well you have got to be a pet lover to see that. We named him "Baby". He loves to sit under an umbrella. Whenever I am out side watering my plants or feeding fishes in the pond or gardening, he would come between my legs and go around me in circles. Remember the first video of how my rabbit sleeps or should I say fall to his side with a thud, that was him too. Those other photos of his parents and siblings while they were young was destroyed when my p.c broke down sometime ago. I forgot to save it in a backup file.

Hope you like my funny pet story. Thanks for reading and have a nice week ahead.

April 6, 2010

Clouds with a story

I took these photos many years back when we went on a trip to the beach. Everyone was playing at the beach. It was evening. As I sat there watching the sun set, I told myself I would better captured it on camera. Little did I realize that instead of sunset, I captured a cloud tuning into a story. Isn't this amazing. Maybe someone up there is trying to tell us something. Everyone saw as the cloud change to form a dragon or something like that. Interesting.

Hope you like this amazing story from the clouds above. Thanks for reading and have a nice day.

April 2, 2010

Indian Roulette

You have all heard of Russian roulette. But how many of you have heard of Indian roulette? Well, you are given a flute and six large deadly cobras, and one of the cobras is deaf.


Lost Her Temper

Big sister Kelly felt a bit flabby around her waist from lack of exercise. She tried jogging and eating less to get rid of the impending bulge, but it didn't work. Auntie Teresa advised her to go on a strict diet. As she began her diet programme, we noticed that the programme did finally help her lose something - her temper!


How To Diet

If you are thin, don't eat fast.

If you are fat, don't eat - FAST!


Just for laughs. Have a nice day.
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