August 6, 2011

Great Grand Parents

The age gap between parents and their children are getting wider. I remembered when I was little, grandma took me to visit her step-mum, which was my great grandma. No other kids in school had a chance to meet their great grand parents, only know them through photos.

Since the day when women fought for equal rights, more and more females had ventured into the corporate world, politics and sports. More and more female chasing after wealth, fame, recognition, be the first female president, the world's best in all aspect to let the world know that what ever man can do, female can do better.

Parents no longer discourage their daughters from pursuing higher education or their dreams. Since given the opportunity to go higher, females fire could not stop burning and went on and on and higher and higher and before they realized they had past their time to start a family.

I have nothing against female who which to be successful in every way but don't put your children last on the list. Not many successful female has successfully raised a good respective family. Unless you have a mum or a mother-in-law who is willing to take care of your kids while you strive for success. Not many could successfully juggle between work and home. It would be even worst for single mums and dads.

We could no longer hear tales like those in the 60's about how man meet girl, got married, man concentrate to provide a good shelter and food for the family while the female concentrate in bringing up their children to be a good person, and they all live happily ever after even though those days not many were rich.

Now the tales start with, what is the highest education qualification that I could achieve, how many other countries have I visited, how high and soon can I climb the corporate ladder and most importantly is how fast I could be rich and famous. By the time we have achieved all that, we could well be in our late 30s or early 40s. Then starts to realize the importance of having children and family.

My 8 years old student once told me that every time his dad picks him up from school or a friend's place, his friends would ask him if that was his grandpa. He was the only child at home. His dad looks like he was in his 50s.

Most of my friends that were of the same age as me, are now thinking of which kindergarden to sent their kids to while I am sitting here thinking of which college to send my eldest son to next year. My mum got me (I am the eldest) when she was only 20 years old and that time my grandma was only in her early 30s. I got married in my mid 20s and a mother of two before I turn 30.

Those days if you are still single and available at the age of 21, you are already being labelled a spinster. Now if you get married in your 20s you are known as stupid for not enjoying your life more before you start a family. My guess is human kind will be extinct soon not due to the Mother Earth turning against us but us human for forgetting that one simple reason why animals and plants reproduce.

Thanks for reading the true tales of live and wish the best to mankind. Do you think that we should act like how our ancestor did before and have three to four generations sitting at the dinner table on festivals or like what most family does now a days, having your first child after you had done enjoying life, because not many people have the opportunity to enjoy both at the same time. Which is more important to you?


I'm a full-time mummy said...

Hmm hard to comment on this topic.. my mum and dad were 9 years apart and my dad was about 43 years old when they had me (my brother was 6 years older than me) but I don't remember classmates saying anything about my dad being older or anything.

Where else my MIL was 16 when she got married and 17 when she had her 1st child.

I think youngsters nowadays just want to enjoy their freedom and single life as long as they can.

Gautam said...

I am 26 now and really the thought of marriage had not even crossed my mind until the last year or so and its not that I have been holding back just because I wanted to enjoy life more or anything. Maybe its the present society that is making late marriages a norm. I seriously have no clue if one way to go is better than the other :)

convert girl said...

I believe both men and women should enjoy their lives to the max before starting a family. But there is a time limit to it.... Women decrease their fertilities after 35 so women who want to start families shld think about this. On the other hand, retirement age in malaysia is 55 hrs old. So if a man wants to be able to support his children til college, he should think about having his last children at 32 hrs old because when he retires at 55, his youngest offspring will be 23 and can start entering d job market.

But of course life is not only about maths and science and financial issues. It,s more complicated than that... So I guess it,s really up to each individual to plan for their future, with or without kids...

D earth is already overcrowded anyway...

Aries said...

Hahah thanks for the comments, don't think the Earth is over crowded yet, as every minute a child in poor countries dies. Thanks for visiting. Love reading your comments

Goldberg Law Group said...

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