August 1, 2011

Work Like A Dog

I just found out that 5th of August was declared as "Work like a dog" day. Wonder whose idea was it. Must have come from those slavery time. Does a workaholic work like a dog and does "work like a dog" means slavery? Why dog? Does it also mean an obedient worker who always obey it's boss like a dog obeys it's master?

Well, if you have watched Cesar Millan, The Dog Whisperer, not all dogs obey their master. Only those well trained. Humans should not used words like obey but respect. Dogs are actually behaving the way we want them to because they respect us not obey us as a leader. So all leaders out there, earn your respect and others will follow you willingly.

In my opinion, there should not be a day to celebrate someone who had to work like a dog. In fact should celebrate that they are not out of job, now-a-days. Since the recessions recently where so many around the world had lost their job and had yet to get a decent job that pays them like before.

Someone once said that do the things you love and the money will follow. Had this happen to you yet? Are you still working for money or for passion? Wonder how many of you had actually landed on their dream job.

Well, what ever you are now remember to have a balance life. Money is important but so were many other things like family, friendship, neighbors and your health. Balanced up your life, don't just concentrate on one part and neglect the other. All are equally important.

Thanks for reading and hope you have a wonderful and a fruitful week ahead.


Cee said...

Honestly, I've never heard the "Work like a dog" day. Well, it sounds more of a joke to me, like April fools — nothing serious.

I love watching the Dog Whisperer! Cesar Millan's tips were all practical and you really can apply it not just to dogs, but even to wild humans. LOL!

Have a good day!

baili said...

well said dear ,i never heard it here but you are right above all needs balance is most important thing to make life healthy and complete
thanks for sharing

Aries said...

Lol, thanks for visiting. Love reading all your comments

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