August 25, 2011

My Little Rainbow

This photo was taken few months back and had forgotten about it. It happened on a fine evening around 7 o'clock when I went and fetch my son from school. On the way home, in the car, we saw a very bright rainbow in the sky. The brightest I had ever seen. The rainbow was so bright, we could clearly see all seven colours and from our point of view, at that moment, it looks as if the end of the rainbow is on top of our house. I jokingly told my son that we have to hurry home to collect that pot of gold that could be on top of our roof.

As I reach home and got out my camera, the rainbow fated away and all I captured was the bluish grey sky. Can hardly make out the rainbow in the photo. Disappointed, I put back my camera and sighed, wondering when will that next time be for me to capture something so beautiful to show others.

The very next morning when I got out of bed and as usual I brush my teeth and took a bath and went straight to the basin to do some washing and there it was, a mini rainbow on my kitchen counter near the sink. My hubby had the habit of drinking a self blend vegetable and fruit juice in the morning before he goes to work and wound normally soak the blender in water and leave it in the sink for me to wash.

That day he left the blender on the side near the window just the right corner for the sun to go through and created that mini rainbow. I took my camera and snap a few shots of it. I am a great fan of "The Secret". I think that the Universe is trying to tell me that if I wish for something really bad, I will be granted my wish.

Thank you, thank you and thank you even though it was just a mini rainbow but the timing and the place it shows up, it was meant for me. I do believe in miracle and to me these are small miracles and I am still grateful about it.

Thanks for reading my silly tale. I normally practice having happy thoughts as often as possible everyday and the rainbow really does bring a smile to me. What are your happy thoughts? Stay happy always and have a great weekend to all readers.


I'm a full-time mummy said...

Wow! Nice!!!

Aries said...

Hi, thanks for visiting

Great-Granny Grandma said...

That is a pretty rainbow, but where is it? Is it reflecting on a wall or counter top? I can't figure it out. Looks like tiles??

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