October 24, 2010

Fall in love again

The latest song that keeps ringing in my ears lately is Jason Castro's "Fall In Love Again". This song never fails to bring a smile to me. It brings back those sweet memories, those days when I was falling in love. Just like the lyrics, I don't mind falling in love with hubby again.

Those lovely feelings and sweet moments. Those days when we just met and think that he is staring at times, those curious moments, those days when I can't wait to find out if he is really interested or is it just me. Those waiting moments really kills me. Wanted so much to know but don't have the guts to ask or find out. When others start noticing too and start asking me if it is true, I sense that it could be 20 percent true.

Then he asked me out on a date, just the two of us, it is like I was given the 50 percent assurance that it is going to come true. I was in dreamland that day and didn't really pay attention to what movie we were watching. My heart wasn't beating normally and my head feels like I am floating in mid air. Hubby could still remember that movie till today and when the rerun of that movie was on t.v he would ask me if I could remember that show and I always said no.

The magic moment happened after the show when he hold my hand while we were crossing the road. My heart felt like it stopped beating for a moment. I just follow where ever he goes and didn't really know if I was walking or floating. No more guessing. Felt the relief. Now it is 100 percent sure that he is mine.

When he hold my hand or put his arms around me when we were with friends, I knew then that he was proud to have me and can't wait to show me off to others that I, now, belongs to him. Fun to watch the faces of our friends at that moment. They look so surprise and at the same time happy for us. There were faces that weren't please but they can't do anything any more. The competition ends here.

Even after so many years, sometimes when we were at the mall, walking with my two teenage sons, he would hold my hand and called out to his sons and said, "Look! I am holding mummy's hand!" and his sons will turn and give him that "So?!?!?" kinda look. He is always so funny and loving. My big cute huggable teddy bear.

Thanks for reading and hope you have sweet moments like mine too. Fall in love again with your other half from time to time. Renew that magic moments.


I'm a full-time mummy said...

Awwww.. what a sweet post! Wish you and your big cute huggable teddy bear many more happy years together!

baili said...

thank for such loveliest post dear ,

these moments are biggest treasures of life and i have in my heart all the time ,it makes me feel young and happy .
take great care

Aries said...

Thanks for reading and I am sure you gals have sweet moments like this too.

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