October 7, 2010


Do you believe in ghosts? Sometime ago, during the Chinese ghost festival, something weird happened to my office colleague. She was single then, and from another town. She rents a room, if not mistaken, from an elderly couple. She takes the bus to work every day.

During that period, one day, she received a call from the bank, informing her that her ATM card is with them, asking her to collect from them as soon as possible. She was puzzled, and asked if that was a renewal card. They said no, they found her card in the ATM machine, due to after three try with the wrong pin number, the card will remain in the machine.

She checked her wallet and true enough, her ATM card was not there but everything else was. She went to the bank and collected her card during lunch time. She told us about it and we suggested that maybe she could have dropped it and some one tried to used it. Logic enough.

It happen again the next day. She got worried and told us about it. Now we begin to think that it could have been a prank by someone close to her. Again, she went to the bank and collected her card.

Few days later it happened again. This time she got really worried and told her parents about it. Her mum went and checked with a medium and found out that she, my friend here, had unintentionally offended a guy ghost. They did some sort of ritual and stuffs and got rid of it and her ATM never went missing again.

I always believed that there is always a logical explanation behind everything. If I were to hear this story from someone else, I would find it so lame, but when it happened to my friend and by the look of her frantic face, I don't know what to believe any more.

Since Halloween is just around the corner I thought I might as well share a spooky, not scary enough, tale with you. Thanks for reading. By the way, have you ever come across any spooky stuffs lately?


SY said...

wow. I don't believe in ghost but this ghost is evil..

baby love said...

Hmm...that is interested, that's for sure!!!


Cee said...

Just like you, I always find logical explanation behind every thing. But it may still depend on the situation. As for what happened to your friend, it can easily be done by anyone close to her. But you know I had personal experiences that 'til now, I still can't find logical answers. Wait 'til you hear it. I should make a post in my blog — too long. LOL!

I'm a full-time mummy said...

I used to be freaking terrified of ghosts until I accepted Christ. From then on, all ghosts and superstitious beliefs are just nonsense.

I do have a personal encounter last year at Genting, not afraid of it at all. I think they are more afraid of us :)

Anonymous said...

That's freaky. I don't know if I necessarily believe in ghosts, but there sure are supernatural things that happen.

Gautam said...

That was one technologically advanced ghost! :) I have never been afraid of them..the worst they can do is kill you and if that's the case I will get back to him once I turn into a ghost myself!! :) :)

Polly said...

What a weird story! I have often wondered if what most people refer to as ghosts actually do exist. Something definitely out of the ordinary was going on for the ATM card to keep disappearing and turning up at her bank! I find this fascinating myself. I do believe there are things constantly happening that cannot be rationally explained. Very good and interesting post!!

Dav DiDi said...

Sometimes, I do believe that there's bad spirit around us .. but as long that we have faith, the bad spirit can't get us :)

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