May 27, 2011

How Did I Get There?

Like most folks, I was judgemental too, when I watch "The Biggest Losser". Not proud about it but not ashamed to admit that I too, look at them differently. How did they get so huge? Didn't they notice it coming? What did they eat? How come those around them didn't stop them?

Well, one fine day, I came to realize that I had been on that road to obesity. I didn't see it coming either. After looking back, I realize how I actually got on that road without realizing.

It started when I got married. After my first child, I manage to get back to my old size. Once I got my second child, things began to change. I got promoted a few times within that few years, which means more responsibility and more time spend in the office.

In between all those chaos at work, my sons started school and needed my help and attention on homework and stuffs. I also had babysitter problem. Had changed three different babysitters within that ten years. Everyday I come home late, tired and agitated most of the time. Had office work to attend to, two demanding sons to look after and not to mentioned housework too. Hubby do chip in on housework etc but he too, were tired from work like me.

Since I do not have time to cook, we always eat out almost seven days a week, three meals a day. No time for exercise either as our weekends were spend cleaning the house, car etc. So I grew and grew and grew and didn't realize it. No one around me mentioned it either, many feared of hurting my feelings.

I used to wear size "M" but had increase to size "XL" and soon enough start looking for "XXL" clothing. Never realized that I should be spending my time exercising instead of shopping for clothes that can cover my extras. Slowly I ran out of shops that can provide me the right clothes.

When ever I look in the mirror, I always look at my face only. Had never look at the mirror when I was naked. Then one fine day, during a vacation, the hotel bathroom had a huge mirror. In fact, the whole left wall were mirror. As I was taking my shower, for the very first time I looked at myself naked in front of a mirror. I looked like one of those "Biggest Loser", with layers of meat / fats on my tummy and waist. It suddenly struck me that I was actually one of them.

How did those layers get there? Is this really me? So all this while I was in denial? Suddenly I realize that it had been quite a long while since I last wore sleeveless. Those days I could shoped for clothes at just about any shop. Now I only had that handful to buy from.

All along I thought I was strong enough to climb the corporate ladder and at the same time start a family. Now I truly understood the saying "You win some you will loose some". Not easy to have everything going perfectly well at the same time, provided you have good helpers.

So about six years back I quit my job and became a housewife. I had lost weight. Able to fit in size "M" again. Children are happy because I am less agitated and always around when they needed help. Hubby do not have to rush home from work like those days. Most important, we all had home cook meals and more time to exercise.

What I learned from the whole experienced is that I was on the road to obesity and not knowing it but lucky for me I manage to snap out of it and made a u-turn back on the road to a healthy living. Glad I realize it before my health deteriorate. Thanks for reading and hope this tale acts as an eye opening tale that could get someone out there realize the danger they are in and snap out of it soon.


Cee said...

Although I'm far from the road to obesity, still I can't help but worry.....And so true that you wouldn't notice it coming. I only realized that I've gotten bigger when more and more people have started to notice it.

Aries said...

The problem is not many who noticed it would tell me about it. Thanks for visitng

ZA said...

I've been there..and still there..LOL..nice sharing!

Thanks for visiting. You have a nice site.. good reading!

convert girl said...

I can totally relate to your story.. Kilos pile up as we grow older. Fortunately I have good friends, mother, maid and massage lady who never fail to mention "you are getting big" or "you look slimmer" whenever they see me change. I don't get hurt or irritated when they say I m fat as I know they mean well.

I quit my job too, to cook and feed my family healthier food, and to have some exercise.

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