October 7, 2011


*Joy is when my boyfriend holds my hand for the first time.
*Joy is when I see my son for the first time in the labor room.
*Joy is when my son took his first step.
*Joy is when I got promoted when I didn't expect and realize my hard work didn't go unnoticed.
*Joy is when I get to eat what I crave.
*Joy is when I see a bright rainbow up in the sky.
*Joy is when birds taking bath on my plant in front of me.
*Joy is when hearing laughter around the house.
*Joy is when I smile at strangers on my morning walk and they smile back.
*Joy is when I see an additional follower in my blog.
*Joy is when watching The Oprah Show and learn from experts.
*Joy is when National Geography and Animal Planets bring me to places that money can't.
*Joy is when hubby still holds my hand.

.... and the list goes on and on and on because most things bring me joy and I am thankful of their appearance / existence and grateful that they are a prt of me and brightens up my day.

Thanks for reading and hope I, too, exist in your list of joy!


iamnoone said...

Glad that you found joy in every bit and pieces of life, no matter how insignificant it may be to others but you are spreading positive perspective. Keep blogging! :)

I'm a full-time mummy said...

Last one was so sweet! Have a lovely weekend!

Aries said...

Hi, thanks for the comment.

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