October 20, 2011

My Baby No Longer A Baby

Felt like it was just yesterday that we bought our eldest son his first bicycle. He was only four then. Took him to the park almost every weekend to teach him how to cycle and now he is learning how to drive a car.

Felt like it was just recently that I took a photo of him in class, his first day in kindergarden and now we are scouting for colleges.

Felt like not long ago, I help him memorized his first opening speech for his kindergarden concert. He was only six years old and is already really proud that he was chosen to give that speech. Now he is a King's Scout (equivalent to Eagle Scout / Queen's Scout) and his school's scout troop leader where he have to give speech every now and then.

Remembered the day he chicken out on his first kindergarden concert, he was only four years of age. His teacher was so mad because everything went well during rehearsal and special costume was made for him. On that day itself, one look at the audience he chicken out and never made it on stage. Now, as he gets older, when ever he had a chance to perform in school, he would volunteer to dance and sometime even choreograph for his classmate.

Looks like he has changed or should I say, all grown up. No longer my adorable baby but has grown into a fine young teenager. Now into adulthood. Guess I, too, have to shift gear and up my level of parenting. Already start treating him like an adult. I would let him make some decision of his own and respect them.

Guess that's the wonders of parenting. We not only watch our children grow but we grow together, learn from each other and mature together. All mentioned above are priceless experience and tales that will be with us forever. At least, I would have some awesome tale to tell my grand kids about their daddy in the future.

Thanks for reading and hope you have lots of awesome tales about your children too. Share them with me if you don't mind.


Don't unplug your hub said...

My son is a 17 year old. Where did the years go? I am really enjoying growing and learning with him. As an older Dad I have a lot more patience these days.

Cee said...

Whenever I write something like this about how my children have grown without really noticing...I weep silent tears.

Indeed, being a parent is the toughest role — there may have been struggles (and there'll be more) as they grow up, but I wouldn't change all the experience for the world.

Aries said...

Thanks for reading and your comments too.

convert girl said...

I am slowing down my daughters from growing up...!!! My youngest is 6 and I am still carrying her in the house, just because I miss carrying my eldest. She is 8 now and too big to carry... I forget how she looked like when she cried and screamed during her baby years... It used to be annoying but I miss it now..

Being a mother is truly a blessing that we should treasure..

Aries said...

My hubby used to carry my youngest son till he was almost eight, like you said, he misses carrying the elder son.

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