October 16, 2011

Pet Or Pest

I was at the coffee shop the other day and as I was paying for my food, the owner pointed at a lady in the next table and chuckle, "That lady over there cried over her dead dog." He told me twice, as I didn't say anything but smile at him. He finds it ridiculous to cry over an animal. Bet he had never had a pet in his life.

I had also seen folks who can't stand flies. The minute a fly goes by her house, she would rolled up a newspaper and chase the fly from the kitchen to the garden and make very sure she gives it a good smacking and even after the fly had fallen to the ground, she still had to stepped on it a few times to be 100 % sure it is dead. Maybe she thinks that by killing a fly, other flies will not come by her house anymore.

Then there was this other lady who can't stand cockroaches. The minute one appears in her house she would spray it with insecticide till it turns over and die, if the cockroach runs, she will give chase and continue to spray till it drop dead and without realizing it, she actually used half a bottle of insecticide to kill just one miserable cockroach. Pathetic.

Well, I would like to remind all that during the stone age, we, human, animals, insects and plants live together sharing the jungles and seas. Then man kind starts to used their gifted intelligence and turn the green jungle into a concrete jungle. The animals and insects aren't as fortunate as us and some were born in the concrete jungle too. So where should they live but around our houses and buildings.

When you see stray cats or dogs on the street or a fly, a mouse etc and could not lend a hand to help them but at least don't think of them as pest. They didn't ask to live this way, they didn't ask to steal food from us. They have no choice.

For those who see strays and insects as pest, your blood starts to boil when you see one, your brain starts to come up with 1001 ideas how to get rid of them from the surface of Earth and when your plans didn't work, you get stressed out for no reason and wouldn't this be extremely bad for your health? On the other hand, if you see them as a pet or a friend, even if you could not adopt all the strays in the street but at least when you bump into one, you do not cook up an evil plan to kill it.

I cried when I watch "Marley And Me", I cried again when I watched it the second time. When mice get into my house, I trap it with a safe box trap and release it some where else. When I see a fly I shoo it away and make sure it does not land on my food. There isn't a need to kill it. When I have extra food I feed the stray cats and dogs around my area.

When you have a pet, you love them, they do love you back unconditionally. They do show affection even though they do not speak our language. Guess only animal lovers understand how I feel but for those who don't, for your health sake, let me tell you this, killing a fly or a stray cat does not solve your problem. There are thousands more out there. Why not just let it be. God created them to be around us for reason. Perhaps to test our patience and to see if we are good or evil.

Thanks for reading and be kind to all living things on Earth even though you are killing it for food, do it with humanity. They deserve a life too.


I'm a full-time mummy said...

I cried for 3 days when my dad had to sold off 6 of my then 30 guinea pigs. They breed too fast and we are running out of space to keep them (I was 15 years old then and we were staying in government flat)

Cee said...

Very well said. It's the balance of nature. Everything has its own purpose and place somewhere, somehow.

I was never a pet lover until I had Roca. Though I never laughed at people that shed bucket of tears for their deceased pet, it used to put me in awe whenever I see one. But now that I have Roca, everything has changed. I remember one time when she had severe diarrhea, I stayed up until four in the morning just to look after her. I couldn't imagine her dying — she was so small at that time. My whole family loves her like she's the third child in the family. I know, it sounds ridiculous for people who never experience to care for a pet..but yeah, wait 'til you have one.

Don't unplug your hub said...

A very thought provoking article. I cry unashamedly and without embarrassment when a pet dies.

Aries said...

Glad I have the support of so many pet lovers, thank you

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