November 14, 2011

Consider Politics - jokes

Raj bumped into one of his school's guidance counselors at a bookstore. "I can't seem to find a career that intrigues me, " he said to his former teacher. "What are your interests?" he asked. "I like to take things apart, " Raj said, "but I hate putting them back together." "Son," replied the adviser, "You ought to consider politics."

Speak Chinese

Selena, the teenage daughter of a friend of mine, was accepted to attend a highly prestigious school in England. She was understandably nervous, afraid that she couldn't live up to the lofty standards that would be expected of her.

"All these girls are so smart," she said to her father anxiously, as they toured the campus for the first time. He tried to reassure her that there was nothing to be worried about, but she still didn't buy it.

Later, she met some of the students. After the initial pleasantries, she revealed that she had lived in Vietnam for ten years. The girls were impressed.

"That is so awesome," said one. "Does that mean you can speak Chinese?"

How It Happened

John : Where were you born?
Sally : Kathmandu
John : Wow! How did that happen?
Sally : The usual way.

Just for laughs! Have fun reading!


Don't unplug your hub said...

Thank you. You made me smile.

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Thanks for visiting, you made me smile too.

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