November 27, 2011

Rusty The New Cat

New addition to our family. He adopted us instead of the other way round. Remember my earlier post about Kiko, the orphan kitten that we adopted, or should I say found at the school science lab. We had him for only a short period of time and he died in a freak accident. So sad.

That unfortunate day, like usual after feeding him, I would let him out of the cage and allow him to run loose around the house. He would normally stay close to one of us. My neighbor asked me to go over her house at that moment and I asked my two teenage sons to look after Kiko.

My eldest son was playing some video game on a rocking chair in the hall and my youngest went to the kitchen to have a glass of water. My eldest son got excited playing his game that he forgot the tiny kitten was very near his leg. He jumped out of the chair, gave a good kick and Kiko died on the spot. Three of us just froze for a minute, went pale and really got a shock of our life when watching Kiko vomited blood all over the floor. Everything happen so fast.

After a minute or so, we came to our senses and wrap him in a towel, put him in a box and drove to the vet. The Doctor said it is too late. Kiko died of shock. We buried him in the garden that day. R.I.P Kiko. Well, it is nobody's fault, guess we were not used to such a tiny creature living with us.

Later I suggested that maybe we should get another cat but my eldest son still have not got over the incident said better not, so soon. So we decided to feed stray cats with the balance food that we have.

About a week ago, this handsome cat was wondering in the garden. I send my eldest son out the garden to feed my rabbit and there it was, staring back at my son with such lovely pampered meows. My son went and took those cat food and fed him and from that moment on, he kinda stick with us. We decided to name him Rusty, my sons idea.

The first thing when he entered the house, he went straight for the mat and rolled all over. Oh my, making himself at home. He looks healthy, well fed and loves human. I suspect he could be someone's cat. At night we had him sleep outside for fear he would ransack the house.

He would disappear every now and then but will always return for his meals and love to sleep on the mat for hours. Lately we taught him how to sit on request and high five with his paw, with treats of course and he is a fast learner.

I guess everything happens for a reason. With cats around the house, we google more about cats now a days and even learned ways to teach him tricks via you-tube. Perhaps all these are to train and prepare us indirectly for a pet dog in a year or two. I would like to think of all these happenings as my little miracle.

Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoy reading about my little miracles and enjoy having pets too, as much as I do. May this be our second cat, as we, I, had never had a pet cat or dog when young because my mom dislike animals.


Don't unplug your hub said...

So sorry about the kitten. I hope your new friendly cat decides to stay. He looks handsome.

Cee said...

Oh so sorry to hear about Kiko....Cats are really smart and easy to train and much less complicated to take care of. So glad, you found another one.

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

So nice to take in an orphan cat...They are the best

Aries said...

Thanks for visiting.

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