November 3, 2011

Hey! You Could Use Some Yourself!

The world is filled with Good Samaritans who just love to give advice to others. I have quite a number of such folks around me too. I receives uncountable e-mails from folks telling me what I should do or not do, what I should eat or not eat etc. I have received many financial and health advice too, from others.

There was this family Doctor that I started going to, a few years back. The first time when I met the lady Doctor, I was a kilo away from obesity. She was quite huge herself, too. Maybe because of her profession, she advice me to exercise more often. She said she could feel my muscles were weak and even show me some of the exercise that I could do at home if I do not have the time to join a gym. She said she put off some weights after doing those exercise. I did what she told me and have been going to her for my annual medical check-up. Till to-date, she is still as huge as I first met her while I have shrunk from a size extra large to medium.

Then there was this lady who loves to talk about health food, how much we should eat, what we should or should not eat or do and she is not even a agent for health products. Every time if we get a chance to meet up, that is all she talks about but the funny part is she consumes the most junk food, is obese and had health issues too.

When I first announced to the world that I am resigning from my 9 to 5 (actually on most days it was a 9 to 9) job, a few came up to me and gave me financial advice. One even told me that I should get a part-time job or some sort of job that I could do at home so that I could earn a bit of my own income and not rely solely on my hubby, in case something bad were to happen to my hubby. Of all person, this advice came from a single mum who is a shopaholic and is about to retire in a few months time, with no financial support from her ex-hubby and her children are still in school.

I am grateful to those who gave me all sorts of advice and keep it coming. I love listening to those sound advice because maybe there are certain things that others see about me that I don't. I will always weigh the pros and cons and normally, if I have nothing to loose, I will follow those advise. I am thankful that I have now become slimmer, healthier and happier person because I made a change after listening to others.

The only problem is, sometime I wish I could walk up to certain people and say "Hey! Remember that valuable piece of advice you gave me sometime back, I thank you for it and hope you would use it on yourself too."

Thanks for reading and will visit back soon. Any sound advice for me?


Cee said...

Yeah, practice what you they say.

Medium size - I must congratulate you for that—someone needs determination to be able to go back to that size.

I'm a full-time mummy said...

Yeah, walk the talk!

pandiaaaaa said...

any advice? ofcourse yes. Advice is like castor oil, always meant for others. :) have fun listening :) and yeah great post...keep writing :)

convert girl said...

Sooooo true..!! Friends asked me how to lose weight.. I do know how to lose weight (proven by myself 6 yrs ago) but it doesn't mean I can do it again now. I advised them, they did what I told them, they lost some kilos while I am still finding excuses on not doing what I advised others to do... At the end I envied them.. It takes a lot of strengths n courages to do the right things.

Aries said...

Hi, thanks for visiting

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