November 21, 2011

Through Thick And Thin

My washing machine broke down in the mid of washing. I have to hand wash all those clothes that was already soak in soap in the machine. Almost forgot how to hand wash clothes. Oh my, it had been that long? As I was washing, memories of hand washing clothes and my school shoes etc came back.

I only have one sister which is two years my junior. I and my sister are really closed those days. We do not have a washing machine then, so everything had to be hand wash. We make sure we do our washing together so that we could chat in the bathroom while washing.

Those were some of the fun time we had. No computer, internet, handphone etc, just me and her. We would be scrubbing those clothes and giggling and chatting and rinsing and laughing and we had so much to talk about, non stop, one topic after another. My grandma used to laugh at us. She used to say "You two seems to have so much to talk about all the time, can't seem to run out of things to say."

When both of us were in our early twenties, we were almost the same height and size. We were living with mum and grandma until we got married. When we get our salary, both of us would go shopping together. We would share clothes, bags etc those days. All our clothes etc when we mix and match, could go round for a month not wearing the same thing.

Now since both of us were married and living quite a distance, about half an hour drive away, we have very little time to chat. She with her career, children, family etc and I with mine. We get to meet up less than ten times in a year but when we do meet up or phone each other, we still could not stop talking.

The best part is when ever we got promoted, a raise, something happy or sad to share we will definitely call each other and update. Even when her son dropped from the monkey bar and broke his arm, she would called me, sobbing. She knows I will be there listening, consoling and advising and vise versa.

Thanks for reading and hope you have a great relationship with your brother and sister too. Family members are very important. Even if you are the only child, you could still have a best friend or cousins that will stick to you through thick and thin.


Cee said...

It's always nice to reminisce the good ole days...and like what you've said, the simplicity of life we all had once upon a time. :)

And I've got to laugh at the part of not wearing the same thing for a month—it's the same thing for me and my sister. But the rule is a bit different when it comes to my mom giving some of her rarely used clothes to me (we're of the same size). I make sure that she doesn't have any photo wearing any of those said clothes—she won't give it otherwise. hahaha

convert girl said...

i didn't feel the closeness with my sisters when we were young but after we finished high school, the binds were tighter and it keeps on getting tighter when each of use got married. i always thank God for having my sisters.. who are also my best friends

Aries said...

Thanks for visiting. I am grateful to have a sister too.

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