November 18, 2011

Park For Dogs And Human

Every weekend when we are free, me , hubby and my sons would go for a walk at parks around my place. This is Desa City Park. One of the park that allows dogs. Most park around my place strictly prohibits pets.

They have a huge lake in the middle with lots of colorful Koi fishes. Those fishes are really really big. Some people would just sit there and watch those fishes. Some even feed them when there is a sign saying to feeding.

By the side there is a small man made stream with lovely rocks. Isn't this lovely. Much better then my morning walk around my neighborhood. At least, this is much more pleasant to the eyes.

Look how wide the place is. It is in the middle of some housing area. At the side of the park there are restaurants, a pet shop and a supermarket. Sometime we have our dinner here after our walk.

Dog meet dog at park. I find most of the dogs found walking at this park are pedigrees. Have yet to see a mix breed. Perhaps I should be the first to bring a mix breed. My youngest son had been bugging us to have our first pet dog. He wanted a Husky. We told him for the time being we could only go and watch the dogs at this park. We will have a dog but not now.

This lady here is like a god mother to all the dogs around the park. She and her hubby would walk the park one full cycle and then she would sit at a corner with her stool and bags of dog treats. I notice, those regulars who walk their dogs, when the dog reach this lady all would stop and go near her for food before they continue their walk. She carries a container fill with dog treats. So many without dogs would approached her and ask for permission to take photos with her huge Chow Chow.

Besides dogs, there are lots of children cycling, playing with dogs and adults too having a good time away from work and their normal busy life.

Isn't this a lovely sight, dogs and humans socializing, strangers become friends and eventually will become a great big dog owner family. Perhaps one fine day I might get a dog and join this big family. Yet to come across a cat park. Guess no one walks their cats, right.

Thanks for reading. Hope you have a great dog park at your place too. Even though I have yet to own a dog but feels really happy walking around the park looking at dogs.


Don't unplug your hub said...

I would hate not to have a dog. Walking Sadie the German Shepherd keeps me fit. You should get a dog soon.

I'm a full-time mummy said...

I've heard of this place and seen a friend taking pictures with his dogs at the park. I think Ben will go nuts seeing so many dogs at this place. Let me bug my hubby to bring us to this place one day! :)

Glo-w~* said...

How bout offer to babysit a friends dog? huskies take a lot of work but it's up too you^^

Aries said...

I would like to have a dog some day, and understand it comes with great responsibility - will post about it if I ever do. It does force me to exercise by walking the dog every day hahahhah

Cee said...

What a lovely park, Aries! How I wish we have a park near our place as lovely as this one!

As for the dog walking, I rarely walk my Shih Tzu outside—its fur gets dirty so easily. But because she's a small dog, our yard is enough for her to run around— as her daily exercise.

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