May 30, 2011

Weighing Machine (joke)

Mike's wife stood on the weighing machine at the supermarket. She inserted some coins, and out popped a weight indicator card with a fortune-reading shown on the other side.

Picking up the card, Mike's wife read, "You are smart, beautiful and attractive and have a pleasing personality. On top of that, you are a great cook."

"Oh my gosh!" Mike moaned as he took the card from his wife. "Even the weight is wrong!"

Near Perfect

A woman is looking in the mirror.

She is not happy with what she sees and says to her husband, "I feel horrible; I look old, fat and ugly. I really need you to pay me a compliment."

The husband replies, "Your eyesight's almost perfect, darling!"


A successful man is one who makes more money than his wife can spend. A successful woman is one who can find such a man.

Just for laugh!

May 27, 2011

How Did I Get There?

Like most folks, I was judgemental too, when I watch "The Biggest Losser". Not proud about it but not ashamed to admit that I too, look at them differently. How did they get so huge? Didn't they notice it coming? What did they eat? How come those around them didn't stop them?

Well, one fine day, I came to realize that I had been on that road to obesity. I didn't see it coming either. After looking back, I realize how I actually got on that road without realizing.

It started when I got married. After my first child, I manage to get back to my old size. Once I got my second child, things began to change. I got promoted a few times within that few years, which means more responsibility and more time spend in the office.

In between all those chaos at work, my sons started school and needed my help and attention on homework and stuffs. I also had babysitter problem. Had changed three different babysitters within that ten years. Everyday I come home late, tired and agitated most of the time. Had office work to attend to, two demanding sons to look after and not to mentioned housework too. Hubby do chip in on housework etc but he too, were tired from work like me.

Since I do not have time to cook, we always eat out almost seven days a week, three meals a day. No time for exercise either as our weekends were spend cleaning the house, car etc. So I grew and grew and grew and didn't realize it. No one around me mentioned it either, many feared of hurting my feelings.

I used to wear size "M" but had increase to size "XL" and soon enough start looking for "XXL" clothing. Never realized that I should be spending my time exercising instead of shopping for clothes that can cover my extras. Slowly I ran out of shops that can provide me the right clothes.

When ever I look in the mirror, I always look at my face only. Had never look at the mirror when I was naked. Then one fine day, during a vacation, the hotel bathroom had a huge mirror. In fact, the whole left wall were mirror. As I was taking my shower, for the very first time I looked at myself naked in front of a mirror. I looked like one of those "Biggest Loser", with layers of meat / fats on my tummy and waist. It suddenly struck me that I was actually one of them.

How did those layers get there? Is this really me? So all this while I was in denial? Suddenly I realize that it had been quite a long while since I last wore sleeveless. Those days I could shoped for clothes at just about any shop. Now I only had that handful to buy from.

All along I thought I was strong enough to climb the corporate ladder and at the same time start a family. Now I truly understood the saying "You win some you will loose some". Not easy to have everything going perfectly well at the same time, provided you have good helpers.

So about six years back I quit my job and became a housewife. I had lost weight. Able to fit in size "M" again. Children are happy because I am less agitated and always around when they needed help. Hubby do not have to rush home from work like those days. Most important, we all had home cook meals and more time to exercise.

What I learned from the whole experienced is that I was on the road to obesity and not knowing it but lucky for me I manage to snap out of it and made a u-turn back on the road to a healthy living. Glad I realize it before my health deteriorate. Thanks for reading and hope this tale acts as an eye opening tale that could get someone out there realize the danger they are in and snap out of it soon.

May 23, 2011

Don't Stop Crying

Many years ago when my eldest son was about three years old. He did something that he is not supposed to, I can't remember what it was but I remembered I confiscated those toys that he was playing and he cried. He cried for a good five minutes that sounds like a few hours of whining and sobbing.

Like most mums, I could not stand his cries anymore and asked him to stopped it immediately. He continue to sob for a minute or so then he said, in between sobs " But I sob sob don't sob sob sob know how sob sob."

I wanted to laugh at the way he said it but don't think it is appropriate to do so at that moment, so I smile (laughing out loud in my heart), pick him up and distracted him with something else and after a few seconds, he stopped.

That night, as I was laying in bed, I had a flash back to the time when I was in my early twenties. The phone rang, I pick up and on the other line was the nurse from the nursing home. She called to informed us that my grandma, who had been suffering from cervix cancer, had passed away in her sleep.

The moment I heard that, I had a sense of relief. Glad that her sufferings from pains etc were over. The minute I put down the phone, I felt guilt. Guilty for feeling relief. Guilty of not being able to cry, not sure why.

After I told mum and sis about the news, I pick up the phone and called my boyfriend (hubby now) about the funeral. The moment he picks up the phone and said "Hello" I started to cry non stop. He got worried and kept asking what was wrong. Like my son, in between sobs, I told him about grandma. It was the very first time that I had to talk and cry at the same time. Even after I put down the phone, I still could not stop crying.

After what my son told me about not knowing how to stop crying, well, I don't think I could, either at that moment of grief, what more a three year old boy. So from that day onwards, when ever any of my sons cry, I do not ask them to stop. Just distract them from what they were crying about and they will stop.

Thanks for reading. Just wish to share this with all parents out there. Don't ask your child to stop crying and don't ever tell your sons that boys aren't suppose to cry. Crying is good for children and adults. I am still learning to be a mum and will never stop learning, so let's learn from each other about parenting.

May 21, 2011

Home Grown Alfalfa Sprout

At last, I get to grow something that is edible and don't have to dirty my hands. Don't need soil or fertilizers. Just soak the organic alfalfa seeds in a clean bottle cover with a net for eight hours, the first time. I normally soak it at night till morning, would be around eight hours.

Next morning, drain it and make sure the seeds are well spread out. Just leave it up side down at a counter in the kitchen. Don't even need to be next to a window. Then half a day later, filled it up with water and drain it immediately and leave the bottle upside down again. Do this twice daily.

On the second day, you could see the sprouts starts to grow, the above was already the third day.

By the forth day, you can harvest it. Either eat it straight away or keep it in the fridge. If you leave it in the bottle for another day, it will turn slimy and can't be eaten anymore. So I normally eats it on the forth day.

Not sure if it is me or what but those grown by me taste sweeter than the one I bought from the supermarket. First heard about it on t.v but not in detail so hubby and I search a few u-tubes video about it and start growing it ourselves.

Thanks for reading. Give this a try. It is easy and fun too.

May 16, 2011

School Scene (jokes)

Bandaged Arm

Little Hamid visited a doctor for a vaccination. After the doctor gave him an injection, he tried to bandage the boy's arm.

"I think you'd better bandage the other arm, doctor!" said the boy.

"But why? I'm supposed to bandage the injected part of your arm to let your friends know not to touch it."

"You don't know my friends, doctor!" exclaimed Hamid.

First Day At School

Sue came home from her first day at school. Her mother asked, "Well, what did you learn today?" She replied, "Not enough. They want me to come back tomorrow."


Teacher : You missed school yesterday, didn't you?
Student : Not very much!

Just for laugh! Happy belated Teacher's Day to all teachers out there. In fact all mummy and daddy are teachers too. Have a great day to all.

May 14, 2011

Happy Belated Mommy's Day

This was passed on to me by Stephaine and I would like to pass this to all the mommy blogger out there. Wanted to post this earlier but my blogspot was down last couple of days. Like what they saying goes, "Better Late Than Never".

Happy Belated Mommy's Day to all mommy out there. Enjoy this special day. Not everyone get this title. Stay happy, healthy, young and look good at all time.

May 8, 2011

I wonder what if .......

When I was young, I was daddy's little girl. Every night when he comes home from work, I would be the first to greed him. When ever he sat down to read the paper or watch t.v, I would climbed up his lap and sat with him. When I laid on his hairy chest, those hairs would tickled me and I would insisted he wears a shirt. I love asking lots of questions and quite a chatter box but never once would he asked me to shut up or go away.

As for mum, I would have to choose the right moment to speak to her or she would ask me to get lost or be out of her way. Most of the hugs and kisses comes from daddy. I am not sure if I was really that adorable or daddy just wants to make me happy because he always laugh at what ever I do. Always shows how proud he was to have me as his little girl.

When I was two plus, mum gave me a sister. Right from that year, dad started to come home late. Mum would nagged and both would argued and when things get heated up, they would throw stuffs. They broke most of my toys. I started to be afraid of daddy. Getting less and less family outings, hugs and kisses. I started to talk less too.

Both parents get agitated easily, what was left was grandma's love. One fine day they decided to go separate ways. I could still remember that fine afternoon, daddy came home and start packing. Mum was at work. Grandma (mum's side) kept nagging beside him but not a word from him. As he was packing he stole a few looks at me. I was playing with my doll at a corner. Not a word from me too.

He took his bags and went to the door. I ran to the window to watch. As he reached his car which was parked by the road side, he turned and stared right into my eyes. He didn't cry neither did I. That moment felt like hours but it was just for a minute and he left.

About a week later, mum took me and my sister to McDonald. There, sitting at one of the table was daddy. They had a long discussion. Mum was crying. Everyone around kept looking at us. I didn't know why but my sister and I kept still, not a word from either of us and neither did we cry. We were so young then, about 6 and 4 years old and yet we kinda understood what was going on.

All these kept playing in my head like a broken record or should I say I-Pod stuck on replay. Have to keep up with latest choice of words. Hahah. I shouldn't have end this sad tale with a laugh. Can't help it.

Anyway, I was wondering, what if daddy didn't leave. Would I end up being a spoiled princess? Or was it better this way as I grew up to be a tough independent lady? No matter what, he still was my daddy and the best daddy in the world. I do not blame anyone as it is no one's fault. Things happen for a reason. When something like this happened, it changes one's life forever.

Thanks for reading. I know I should be writing this on Father's day instead of Mother's day, but it just cross my mind and had to get it out from my system. Happy Belated Mother's Day to you all out there. Hope you had a great day on Mother's Day.

May 3, 2011

Latest Award

Never knew there were so many types of awards for bloggers. This award was passed on to me by Stephaine ( Thanks a lot. I have been quite busy lately to really blog hop but every now and then when I do visit her blog, there is always something nice there waiting for me. Thanks Stephaine. Glad you enjoy reading my posts and my comments on your site. We do need each other and other bloggers to keep us going.

I would like to pass this to a few other bloggers whose blog that I enjoy reading:

Keep the blogging spirit going. Thanks for reading / visiting. Have a great day to you all.
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