August 22, 2010

Male chauvinism

Before mum met dad, she was dating another boy. One fine day as both of them were watching t.v at mum's place, it started to rain. Mum ran out to collect those clothes that were left out to dry. There were so many so she called out to her boy friend for help. He proudly told mum that these are jobs for females only. She got so mad that she broke of with him. My dad on the other hand was a very helpful lad. He helps mum in washing, cleaning, folding clothes etc.

When mum told me this story I told her I was glad to be born in this century where most guys that I know does help around the house. Her ex-boyfriend could be the last of it's kind. Little did I know that this kind still exist till today.

I had a neighbor who both husband and wife are illiterate. Not sure if they were not given a chance to attend school or they did attend school but wasted their time there. Hubby and I rarely talk to them. We only get to chat with them during weddings or gathering around the neighborhood. I don't recall I ever offended my neighbors.

One fine day, this neighbor of mine, the husband, came knocking on my door asking for my husband. I told him, hubby was in the toilet and ask if I could be of any assistant to him. He show me a letter saying that he just received a letter from the bank and he can't read. I took the letter from him and before I could read it hubby came in to say hello. Straight away he snatched the letter from my hand and pass it to hubby.

The second time when he show me his male ego was when our housing area decided to employ guards at the main entrance due to a lot of robberies lately. He was somehow being appointed as one of the committee member. Every time when there is a meeting, he need to inform all the neighbors. When ever he knock on my door and happen that I am the one answering it, he hesitate to tell me about the meeting. He just ask when will hubby be back. He don't mind coming back to my house later.

He does that to all the females around my neighborhood. The worst part is during gathering etc he finds it difficult to look a female in the eye when having a conversation. He still has that mentality that females of the house are not suppose to make decisions and not to have the last say in a conversation or argument.

To all my single friends out there, beware of this species of males. They still exist. This neighbor of mine has two sons and a daughter. Hopefully his sons does not follow his foot steps.

Thanks for reading and hope that all men around the world now are caring and loving and most importantly they respect females like another human being and not treat females as second class people or worst, as their slaves.


I'm a full-time mummy said...

My SIL once had this boyfriend who must walk in front of her everytime they go out. She had to be a few steps trailing behind and cannot be walking side by side with him. Probably the male ego aura to much to handle...

Ash said...

what a disgusting bozo! yes ladies - never settle for the less. :)

Ms Bibi said...

Living in a community with large East Indian population I see these things everyday. Many of them are becoming Canadianized, but there is a still large number of them who don't value women as much as men.

Gautam said...

That mentality is so deep rooted and prevalent in majority of Asian and African continent that it might take few more generations to go away..which is really sad considering how archaic it really is in this modern world.

Cee said...

I am so glad that I haven't met any of his kind. Somebody must tell him at once. Though I would have second thoughts too. As you said, he is illiterate thus unaware of so many things. It would be so hard to explain and let him understand something that he never knew all his life.


Aries said...

Just hope all these male ego does not go on for so long

baili said...

i am shocked that such things still exist even in your area cause i thought only people of my country remained illiterate,but some time back my own brother was same and his wife was so upset with him but thank god he is bit changed now ,i hate to face my brother in law for this nonsense it makes me miserable,thanks for sharing dear god bless you

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