August 27, 2010

Tofu with prawns

This is easy to make and taste lovely too, provided that you are not allergic to prawns.

Ingredients are prawns, tofu, minced garlic, fish sauce, salt, sugar and pepper to taste.

I normally buy tofu that is pack in boxes. Cut the tofu into your desire shape and size. Place it on a plate. Leave it to sit for a while on the plate and you will see water sipping out from the tofu. Drain the excess water away with a serviette.

Clean, wash and pat dry prawns. Season it with a dash of salt, pepper and sugar. Heat non-stick pan with a little oil and saute minced garlic. Before it browns, add prawns. Do not stir so much. Once you find one side is cooked (it change color), turn to the other side. If you keep stirring, it becomes watery. Do not cook prawns for too long. If you have chicken stock or anchovies stock, add a bit into dish. If not just add a bit of plain water. Then add a few drops of concentrated fish sauce. Also add a dash of salt and pepper. If you find dish to be a bit watery, thicken it with a bit of corn starch flour that has been mix in water. Make sure sauce is slightly more salty when you are preparing it because once mix with the tasteless tofu, it will not taste too salty any more.

Pour the above onto tofu and serve. If you prefer this to be a hot dish, you can stream the tofu for five minutes before you pour the sauce on top. My tofu was straight from the fridge.

Thanks for reading and hope you will like it. I know I love it. Yummy!


I'm a full-time mummy said...

Hi Aries!

Mmmmmm.. prawn tofu I like!!!

Btw, glad to hear you enjoyed Ben's pictures! Wish you a wonderful weekend ahead too! :)

Cee said...

I seriously want to do this! What I mostly like about the recipes you share, is that the ingredients are all in my kitchen. Asian food, delish!

Thanks for sharing Aries!

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