August 14, 2010

Self Praise

When I was young, occasionally I would praise myself out loud and mum would tease me by saying "Self praise is a disgrace." Well, obviously it would be much better if others could do it instead. At least, when it comes from others, it carries more weight, sounds better and gives me that booster shot to continue doing what I am good at. Till then, it is important to praise myself and give myself a pat on the shoulder for things that I have done right and most importantly that I believe in me. Do yourself a favor, praise yourself out loud once in a while and feel good about it. Thanks for reading and don't forget to praise someone else that deserve it, too.


Cee said...

I agree with you that we sometimes need to praise makes us feel good of something we accomplished.
Self praise could only sound bad if it's said repetitively in front of many people.

Have a good day Aries!

I'm a full-time mummy said...

Hi Aries!

I think the ability to self praise is good! At least you acknowledge your good job!

I used to be the type of person who cannot self praise myself.. possibly because I don't think highly of myself and that what I do deserves a praise. But I'm slowly learning to acknowledge my contribution is important too and yeah, I agree I feel good about it!

Btw glad that you enjoyed the photos of Ben sleeping! :D You have a nice weekend too!

Gautam said...

Faith and confidence in oneself..appropriate amount of self-praise can definitely fuel them in a very positive manner!
Definitely pat yourself on the back every time you reach your little mini-goals. :)

Ms Bibi said...

I think praising ourselves gives us a self-confidence many of us need, but there is nothing better then being praised by others.

Aries said...

Thanks for visiting and your comments.

Charlton Gomes said...

Haha. It reminds of my father, who always says "Self praise is better than not being praised at all!". =)

I couldn't agree more with everyone up there! :D

Have a great day!

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