February 13, 2011

All went upside down when I arrived

If you had read my earlier post about me as a toddler, that was the brighter side of my toddler years. Mum said I turned her life upside down the minute I was born. She got married to dad when she was only 19 and dad 22. Got me when she was only 20. I ended her honey moon years the minute I step into this world.

Both my parents were working, so right after I was born, they decided that I should stay with grandma (dad's mum) in another town. Mum doesn't see eye to eye with this grandma and not for long before both my parents had an argument with grandma over her way of taking care of me.

Mum then got a maid. A teenage Chinese girl from out of town, to take care of me. One fine day, mum found out that she dropped my from the swinging crib and I had a swell on my forehead. Yeap, you guess it right, mum fired her and send her back home.

She had no choice but to call and beg my other grandma (mum's mum) to come stay with us and to take care of me. I was told that mum cried a lot when I was young. She cried when I fell, she cried when I constipated, she cried when I was sick and worst of all I had my first asthma attack before I turn one. Watching me gasping for air at that age is indeed frightening, not only to her, to grandma too. My dad had asthma when he was young, so could be heredity. Whereas mum and grandma had never knew what asthma really was until my first attack.

I could still remember that few occasion when both my parents were at work and we ran out of asthma pills, those days we were not introduced to inhaler, grandma would carry me and run to the nearest clinic and I was quite tall for a three year old and chubby too. I must be quite heavy for her because grandma was quite short and plump and when she reach the clinic she was out of breath and could not really talk.

Grandma always said that when she look at the adorable side of me when I was at my best health, her heart melts and all the pain and frantic moments of bringing me up was forgotten. She loves showing me off at the market or groceries shop for I never fail to attract attention and make heads turn.

Tales like these are worth sharing and writing it down to remind me that it wasn't easy bringing me up and my parents and grandma had sacrifices a lot just for me. Especially grandma for she spend the most time with me and my sister. I truly understand those parents out there with mentally and physically challenge children. It must be tough bringing up their children. My heart go out to those parents. It is all worth the sacrifies.

Thanks for reading and Happy Valentines Day to all.


Cee said...

I totally understand your granny and mom's feeling as it happened to my youngest daughter. It wasn't because of asthma though. I've seen her face and lips turned really purplish when gasping for air because of pneumonia. Guess how it rocked my whole being.

Happy Valentine's Day!

I'm a full-time mummy said...

Wow! That was a touching post! Your grandma and mum sacrificed a lot in bringing you up! Have a nice day in spending it with your loved ones!

Aries said...

Thanks for visiting

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