February 5, 2011

That's Amazing!

Those days when I was younger and single, when ever friends or relatives with young children tell me stories about their kids, they always sound excited and proud and almost can't believe that their kids know how to do certain things or pronounce certain words. I always finds it ridiculous as I think that kids at that certain age are suppose to know those stuffs or say does words but their parents make it sound like their kids are so smart and a genius too.

When I became a mum, I too, kinda fall on the categories above. Watching my infant who only knew how to sleep, eat and cry grows into an adorable toddler that are now more aware of his surroudings and continuously learning and imitating daddy and mummy, is indeed AMAZING!

I remembered my eldest son's first word was 'tiger'. When I potty train him, in order for him to sit still, I bought him quite a lot of tiny hard cover picture books. Just the right size for his tiny hands. When he flip the page I would point out to him and tell him the names of those pictures shown on that page. We have books about food, animals, birds, vegetables etc almost the whole set. Guess he finds 'tiger' to be the easiest to pronoun.

So sometime during lunch with my fellow colleagues in the office, I would tell them stuffs about my kids and those who are single will give me that 'what's so amazing about that?' look, like how I look at others when I was younger.

Well, folks with kids should hang out with other folks who have kids. Those who don't will never understand our feelings for our pride and joy. Same goes to those animal lovers and pet owners. Those who hate pets will never understand why we love our pets so much and how adorable our pets are.

Thanks for reading and hope your children and / or pets will never stop amusing and amaze you just like how my 2 teenage sons and 5 year old pet rabbits still do.


I'm a full-time mummy said...

Hi Aries!

Yes, agree with what you said. Only parents will understand what we who are parents go through.

Btw, thanks for your comment on my latest photo post about things you love to hate. Hahaha... your story was quite embarrassing but I think as parents, we will understand and be empathetic.

You should've taken pictures (if can) of your son that time, at least now when he denies or said he don't remember any of it, can show him back the pictures hehehehe... Thanks for sharing your experience anyway!

tacos912 said...

I couldn't agree more!

Return follows are always welcome :)


baili said...

i think having such love for children and pets is a sign of blessed human being.

my son's first word was his elder brother's name which was most spoken in the house.

to save such wonderful moments i used to captured them in movie cam ,
i think it is a treasure of my life .

Aries said...

Thanks for sharing your tales.

Stephaine said...

hahaha! I agree.. when i was still single and my office mate tell sotries how amazing hers kids is, she feels so excited when her kid gets an A in school I would often say duh that's so easy to get whats so amazing about that...

sometimes i get annoyed with her words always my baby or my kid, i'm her senior so sometimes i am so bitchy to tell her to tell me a story that is not about the kid..

well now i understand, parents life evolved with their kids and its their world there is nothing that matters but their kids...


Aries said...

So true, at least now we understand rather then for those who never had kids. Guess they will never know

air said...

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