February 15, 2011

Queen Control

This was taken at my neighbor's house. Their kitchen faces my kitchen. As I was washing dishes I notice this cat keep following the black with orange spot female cat (the cat that gave birth at my house last Chinese new year - refer to my earlier post). The cat is always following at a distance and when it goes too near, the female cat would growl and it would back off a bit. This had been going on for few days, like as if they want me to record it down.

Look at the video, the female cat decided to take a nap and the other cat just stand there and watch. Reminds me of some female who tread their boy friend / spouse like this. Queen Control. Are you the controlling Queen too? Hahahah.

Thanks for visiting my site, will visit back when I have the time. Below is a photo of the Queen cat sitting there majestically while her servant, or admirer maybe, waiting for her Majesty to tell him what to do.


ahsan said...

so funny ,

great post about ur grandma ,i love suck sharing and have lots of lovely stuff like this to share ,i consider it a price less treasure ,god bless.and happy love day.

Cee said...

The male cat probably wants to mate. Our female siamese cat growled when we put her and a male siamese into one cage. She kept on growling when the male tried to *you know* her. haha.

Aries said...

Hahha probably mating season is in the air. Thanks for visiting

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