February 25, 2011

Degree, PhD,.........

I was watching Oprah show the other day (rerun). The episode was about those who got laid off from work during the recessions not long ago. There was this girl in her late twenties who got laid off too. She said she studied very hard to get a Degree hopping that it would land her a good job so that she could support her baby girl and her self. She is a single mum. Little did she realize that her title as a Degree Holder can only land her a job but not secure her one for long.

There was this guy who was a manager those days, sitting comfortably in a nice office now had to sell hot dogs. He too, was a graduate. He had a wife and few kids and a mortgage to pay etc. When you hear stuffs like these and after reading Robert Kiyosaki's "If you want to be rich & happy, don't go to school?" Kinda put off getting that degree hah.

Well, education is important but school does not help children over come stuffs like this. No matter where you stay, no schools would teach our kids how to survive in the jungle out there. All they emphasize on was get that good grades and bring glory and fame to that school.

So it is up to us, parents, to teach our kids survival skills so that they are equip with all sorts of knowledge to get them through the jungle life. I find most parents that I knew, do not do that. They too, were busy helping their kids score "A" in their exams and end up, not many could survive long in the work force, even during the boom period.

Once at a gathering, parents and teenagers were around, and I mentioned that working life is not as easy as when you were in school. It is a jungle out there, and to my surprise, some parents not only did not support what I said, instead raise their eyebrow and look at me like as if I just mentioned something bad in front of their kids. Why should we hide the truth from them? Why should we let them find out the hard way?

My two sons are straight "A" students, as at for now. I do encourage them to study hard but at the same time let them know that, that piece of paper / certificate that shows all those "A's" will only land them a job in the future, the rest is up to their attitude. That piece of paper can't be pawn nor exchange for food or shelter.

Thanks for reading. Just something that needs to get out of my chest. So remember, your character and attitude is equally important, don't think too highly on that Degree / PhD certificate that you have in hand.


I'm a full-time mummy said...

I only have a diploma and didn't further my studies due to lack of money and I started my IT job at age 20. Work my way from the bottom, no EPF, no bonus, don't ask for much, just want to get the experience and chance to work in IT field since I had that 1 year diploma cert.

I do agree a lot depends on our attitude and yes, having that degree or PHD does help someone land a job with higher basic pay but other than that, the rest is up to the person to climb up the corporate ladder and achieve much more (cos graduates keep coming out from colleges/uni every year!)

Midnite Skys said...

I was a single momma with little income I did teach my daughter street knowledge. She might not have a lot but does try to work hard and be dependable - I think she learn from me!! Plus that things don't have to cost a lot of money to be fun....

Aries said...

Thanks for sharing. It is true, we should teach our kids to be street wise but with a good attitude

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