March 22, 2011

Feed Them For Life

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day
Teach him how to fish and you feed him for life"

This reminds me of a documentary I saw on t.v sometime ago. It was about this Chinese Malaysian family of 5. The dad had a stoke recently but was not bed ridden. However, he could not walk as fast as he used to and most of the time he would move around in his wheel chair. His wife is a housewife and his 3 children are still in school. The man was out of job. Charity starts pouring in from all over Malaysia from various organizations to individuals and schools too.

One of the organization did offer his eldest son scholarship to enter college the following year. His neighbors and relatives offer foods and clothes. During the documentary, they did interview a few neighbors, some relatives and friends. One particular neighbor did mentioned that she suggested to the man's wife to start babysitting for others or maybe sell food at the nearby market but she didn't want to without giving any reason.

There are thousands of folks within Malaysia every year who need charity, some cases are urgent and serious like patients who needs a heart transplant or some babies who need surgeries to live etc so how long do you think that charity would stop going to the family mentioned above? How much or how long can those good folks support that family of 5? Eventually it will stop.

There are lots of ways of earning a decent income even to those who are home bound, handicapped or illiterate. Might not earn much or be a millionaire but at least able to support the whole family till the 3 children start working. There are plenty of such jobs in Malaysia.

If only he and his wife could see that they should start to learn how to fish and not wait for someone to hand them one every now and then.

Thanks for reading and hope this tale be a lesson to all of us. No one knows what will happen to us the next minute but what ever happened stay strong, get up and start all over. Opportunity are abundance out there.


Cee said...

I couldn't agree more Aries. You know I have this brother-in-law who was jobless all his life — inferiority has grown on him because of asthma since he was a kid. He usually asks my husband which is his brother when he wants new shoes or needs anything. I once told my husband that he's tolerating him by spoon-feeding him everything he wants. I told him, if we ever get rich, I would give him even a small business that he could run on his own instead of giving him a new house or a car (That's what my husband wanted).

What is a new house if you don't even have money to maintain or at least pay bills?

baili said...

i am agree dear ,in my village i have a cousin who was youngest son of the house but still from his teens he start his own shop which was little nut latter become a largest shop of village.

god put us in situations just to test our faith and courage .we should take such time as challenge and must prove that we are his true men.

Aries said...

Thanks for sharing, love reading all your comments and stories

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