March 15, 2011

Hope Japan Recover Soon

It is unfortunate that such major disaster were to happen. It is terrifying to know that it is beyond anyone's control, even though someone might had earlier detected something like this might happen but what can we do to prevent it. So scary to see almost half of Japan vanished overnight.

It made me feel so vulnerable. All those hard years of building wealth, status, business etc just disappeared in front of of our eyes in seconds. All we could do is watch it vanished. I am sure all this had made some people stopped what ever they are doing and take a break. Life is too short to work so hard.

Now a days when ever I pour myself a drink, I thought of those folks in Japan, such a developed country now some of them have no water supply. Must be devastating especially to those who are used to good life with water coming out from taps, electricity at a push of a button, abundance of food supply at the groceries etc. Most of us do take these things for granted.

Nothing last forever, not even us. So folks out there who thinks that they had made it to the top and start to look down on others, think again. If disaster like these were to happen, you will end up staying in the same shelter home with the rest. Be more humble and thankful with what you have now and don't have to be so stuck-up about it. Like the saying goes, anything goes up must come down.

Thanks for reading and let us all pray for Japan.


I'm a full-time mummy said...

Yes, anything can happen! I have a cousin working in Japan now and we're praying hard he comes to his senses to proceed with returning back here soonest he can.

Stephaine said...

i like the last paragraph more... yes indeed at times like this who knows those people whom we look down will be the one who will be there for us... no one is above all when it come to this thing.. were all equal... "too bad that most dont know that yet"

Aries said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts

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