March 27, 2011

Working life - in my teens

Since mum told me that I will not be attending college or university due to financial constraint, I made a promise to myself that I will not spend anymore of her money once I step out of school. Mum got me my first job, temporary job actually, at a friend's place, counting and vetting through contest forms. (I mentioned it in my previous post) . It only last for about a month and a half.

I could still remembered very clearly, on my last day on the job, I took some of my salary and went shopping for clothes, shoes and bag, preparing for my next real job. As usual, I took a bus home. While I was in the bus, I was worried where and how am I going to find my next job, for I will be jobless from tomorrow onwards. Moreover, I am still waiting for my SPM results and will not have any certificate to show my qualification etc. Upon arriving at the bus-stop near my house, I notice a new supermarket right where I got down from the bus. Had never noticed it before. There was a big "vacancy" sign outside.

Being an Aries, bold and always in a hurry to get things done, I went in and ask for the office without realizing not only do I not have a resume but also a hand full of shopping bags. A girl showed me the way. So happen the manager was in his office that time. I went in with all those shopping bags. Everyone was looking at me. I introduced myself and asked if I could work there. He asked me a few questions and next thing I knew, he gave me a form to fill, told me about my salary and ask me to start the very next day. He even hand me 2 sets of uniform. I got the job as a cashier, my first try in getting a job. So proud that day, kept smiling all the way home.

The supermarket was just walking distance from my house. So everyday I would go home for lunch and dinner. Granny would cook for me and my sister, who was still schooling then. I made a lot of friends there. The boss was nice, so were the supervisors and fellow co-workers.

I worked there till I got my SPM (form five) result. After that I start applying for jobs with some banks. Mum said for a girl, I should either get a job as a teacher or be a bank employee. I have no clue what to expect or know which road I should follow. I just leave everything in the hands of my guardian angels above.

My first three jobs was good, no complain, except that the salary was low because I lack working experience and still in my teens. The above was only my second job. I find that once I step into the twenties, all those fellow colleges start to take me more seriously and no more pampering. They began to feel that I am a treat to them. That is when I felt the competition had began and fully understood the phrase "it's a jungle out there".

Thanks for reading. How was your working life? Were you happy all these while or stay on the job just for the money?


I'm a full-time mummy said...

We had similar experience. I had to stopped after 1 year in college as my parents told me they could not afford to further my studies anymore.

Though I had to say my 1st job was when I was 16 years old, working part time during school holidays at Metrojaya as sales promoter. The money I earned during the school holidays is enough for my own spending and savings.

And of course, having just a 1 year diploma in IT, I had to work from the bottom. Starting off as a trainee programmer and worked my way up. I am happy with all the jobs I've been with and am glad I made lots of friends while I work.

Now as a stay-at-home, I do still keep in touch with my ex-colleagues and occasionally drop by to visit them once in a while :)

Stuff could always be worse said...

I believe most of us worked for money!

Cee said...

I've never really had a serious job even before. Even in my teen years, all of us in the family had particular roles in our family business. So I could also say people work for money.

Aries said...

Thanks for sharing

Stuff could always be worse said...

I am glad you worked, I am sure you did work hard
ps I keep getting pop-up windows when I visit you??

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